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music that doesn't suck !

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+/-  modulation = music.

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Be a part of the fun!

There are many ways you can help make Pool10 better for you, your friends, and the community. Here are a few suggestions.

bullet Send us your requests... How else are we going to know what you want to hear?
bullet Send us music... Attach those MP3's to your email and let um rip.
bullet Become a DJ... Get out your microphone and record a few radio spots. Attach and email. You're on the air.
bullet Sport a spiffy Pool10 T-shirt... Be cool! Click the link to your left to find out how.
bullet Send us your suggestions... our mission is not to suck. Did we suck? Let us know.


         Upload your favorite tune to Pool10 here and now:

Something you want to hear on the air? Do you have it on your computer? And it doesn't suck? Well go find it and submit it right here and now.

1) Click on 'browse 'to go find the file you want to send

2) Click 'Upload File'

3) Wait patiently......... and be thankful that you don't have dial-up                          

When you send us a file, we will go get it, but we have no clue where it came from. Maybe that's the way you want it. But an email letting us know you uploaded something, along with maybe a bit of info about the tune, what days and hours you would like it played, and why it is special for you, would make it stand out from the other swimmers in to the pool.

Hey, this is important. This is free radio. This is America. This is real grass roots radio.

Thank you for your contribution !!!!!

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