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        WHAT'S           NEW

                                                 adventures of a Pool Guy in 2012 and byond


3/29/2016 - Lots of changes and lots of new music here in the POOL since our last update. We replaced our aging automation system hardware and upgraded all software in early March. Everything seems to be running stably once again, and we have some new scheduling features and capabilities to play with. The playlist templates have all been rebuilt to extend broadcast hours, add variety and get music on the air that was otherwise hidden away.

Did we mention extended broadcast hours? Check out the new transmitter schedule:


Poor MOSFETs hardly get a chance to cool down on the weekends. But requests from late night listeners wanting to keep the party going encouraged us to, well, keep the party going.

You can expect to hear the same great mixes and shows with a few new spritzing's of jazz, native amarican, house, middle eastern, club and dance music. We have even added one country and western song! Check out the updated schedule page for more details.

1/11/2016 - A very sad day as we celebrate the life and passing of David Robert Jones.


Welcome the new Blackstar album to the POOL.


6/28/2014 - Just over ten years ago, springtime 2004, there was a need to listen to music that did not suck all through the house. We had music that did not suck, but we had no good way of getting it upstairs, downstairs, garage and basementbout. Mmmm, maybe a low power FM transmitter and a bunch of FM receivers. Thus was born Pool10FM. But what about out in the yard? Mowing the lawn? Gathering firewood? The answer? MORE POWER. Hey, this is cool. Maybe my neighbors would enjoy some music that does not suck. The answer? MORE POWER! But what about drive time? The answer? MORE POWER and a taller antenna.

Then the electric bills started arriving and we knew that we had enough power.

Today we celebrate ten years of sharing music that does not such (usually) with loyal listeners up and down the river.

11/10/2013 - About a year ago Pool10FM reduced broadcast hours on Monday thru Wednesday, keeping the transmitter cool until drive time at 4:44pm, and then shutting things down at work night bedtime. Today we are happy to announce that we will be back on the air EVERY DAY from ~7:30am to 1:50am. Not only that, but we will be back to our regular schedule... Monday night rock... Tuesday night blues... Chick's picks on Wednesday morning and more rock in the evening. Let the electric meter spin!

We have also been busy collecting new music for the Pool. For some reason this often happens in a batch process, and this latest batch includes some 1200 "new" songs. And as usual we would like to share some of these new additions by posting the album artwork. Here goes!


Yup, Cat Stevens...

Sorry folks



Check this out. You have heard of the Grateful Dead Dick's Pick's series? Well welcome Dave's Picks. Time in Thursday evenings for a dose.




Thanks Captin Bill for turning us on to this one...




This DustY Fingers SIXTEEEN VOLUME collection is pretty unique. Google it.

Any other suggestions? Any albums in YOUR collection that stand out and NEED to be in The Pool? Let us know!

6/17/2013 - Summer is here, and what better time to celebrate in the Pool. We are back on the air with more great music every day. Gotta send a few shouts out to loyal listeners:

- Staci & sidekick Wesley out on Boozer's Point who keep those fine weekend requests pouring in. Richard Cheese indeed! I don't want to work either. Rather bang on the drum all day.

- Tom C hanging out on the end of the island. "Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places...." Lookin' forward to getting together this summer.

- Eric whose Thursday requests I never quite seem to fill. Gotta send a big Happy Father's Day out to the old man. Little Taj Mahal for thirsty Thursday.

- Jane. Ah Jane. I'll bet she has her Christmas tree down early this year. I just have a good feeling about it. About her. About the future.

- And thanks go out to Captain Bill for turning us on to some awesome "new" Zeppelin this spring.

- Sunday morning listener James K, thanks for your kind words!

- Lucus and his prom tune requests. Nothing like a little Papa Roach to make prom night extra special.

- And of course good friends Dave & Lisa. I would be 10# skinner without them, but then I never would have known what a Nantucket Sleighride was. I'll get the early week drive time shows back up for y'all soon.

- Recent converts & good friends Scott & Mary helping to keep the bottoms cranked up on the weekends.

Thanks go out to ALL our fine listeners who help make Pool10FM what it is... Free & Fun.

11/10/2012 - Some people collect coins. Some people collect stamps. Some even collect yarn and roll it into huge balls. Here at Pool 10 we have a passion for collecting and sharing music. We are blessed with a wonderful source for the inspiration for new additions... YOU! Our fine listeners provide the bountiful contributions and eclectic suggestions for much of the music you hear on Pool10FM. As is tradition on this website, we now share with you some album artwork from recent additions to our ever expanding collection. Here goes...

We know what you are saying. "I always thought Pool10FM tried to play music that does not suck. So why the hell is BRAD PAISLY in here." Well. Errrrr. um. errr. no excuses.


There they go again with that COUNTRY crap. Knock it off!

Oh, PLEASE stop! Make the bad man stop!


This Mumford & Sons is pretty good. Thanks for turning me onto it John. Stay out of trouble.


...And that wraps it up for another slug of new additions to the Pool. Keep those cards and letters coming kids, and we will keep things as fresh as we can.


10/21/2012 - Today's subject is Sundays. Sunday is a day to chill out here at the pool and maybe try something a little different musically. It has been a Sunday tradition to cue up full albums all afternoon and into the evening. This summer we have fallen away from this tradition, but it is time to get back into the swing of tracking through full albums. Any and all suggestions are welcome... bring em on!

Today's second subject is streaming audio. We are STILL ever so patiently waiting for high speed internet access here at the studio. It is expected before the end of the year (cross your fingers). When this happens we promise to get the stream back up and running. Promise.

9/12/2012 - Ahhhh, we are back! The new power supply arrived this afternoon at 1:37:51PM, and with a little primping and preening, was installed in the transmitter. The fingers were crossed and the power switch was thrown at 4:03:13. SUCCESS!. We are celebrating with an evening of Cafe del Mar. Life is good.

Wait... there is more rain in the forecast for this evening. Gotta go patch up that hole in the roof where the antenna cable comes through before we blow another power supply. Yikes!

9/11/2012 - Power supply is on order. Gotta love Ebay.

9/6/2012 - Well we finally got some much needed rain here Tuesday evening. Two and a quarter inches to be exact. Only trouble is that the Pool10FM antenna cable is not sealed up properly where it comes through the roof. The result? Water dripping out of the 48VDC power supply in the transmitter. Wednesday morning was quiet. Anybody out there have a 48VDC 20 amp power supply laying around the house?

7/13/2012 - Here we are in the heat of the summer and Pool10FM keeps cranking music into the airwaves. What a joy. Forget what we said back in February about internet streaming being back up and running. It has been down for months. BUT WAIT... there is light at the end of the tunnel. Crews are working as I write burying fiber in the direction of the broadcast studio to finally get us a reliable high speed internet connection. We have only been waiting since 1996! Once this new link is in place, we will get the stream back up, hopefully much more stable than ever before. So... patience friends!

Gotta send a few shouts out to loyal listeners. Thanks to Nick for the Mitch Ryder requests. Thanks to Mark for the Ted Leo & Hold Steady requests. We are still working on this one. Thanks to Shauna and her annual drunk-on-the-island requests and Wesley's Boozer point play list. And even Jane finds her way back into the P10 listening area from time to time. Hi Jane.

Special thanks to DJ Spike for the recent live shows this spring and summer. Let us know if YOU want to do a live show, or simply play live DJ and spin some tunes. It's pretty easy and we would be happy to give you the tools.

2/7/2012 - Internet streaming is back up and running. Joy joy joy. Also gotta send a shout out to long distance listener and new contributor ck way out there in Madtown.

2/5/2012 - DJ Spike has a new show for us! Tune in next Sunday, 2/12, around 9:00 and find out what Spike has on his turntables.

1/9/2012 - Here we are in a new year, still cranking wattage in your cottage. While this web site may not get updated as often as we would like, the station and the tuneage are going strong, and that is what really matters.

So that's nothing new...

But what IS new, is that DJ Spike is back! Last night we were treated to a fresh show, with the promise of maybe a few more to come. So don't forget to tune in Sunday nights around 9:00.

So what else is new? Music! New music continues to be added to our ever expanding play list on a fairly regular basis. This morning another 450+ tunes were previewed, rated and categorized. Everything from Arlo Guthrie to Frank Zappa, Dennis Brown to The Cars, Rob Zombie to Page & Plant, Frijid Pink to James Taylor. James Taylor? Yes, I know we made a vow never to play JT, but we thought maybe just maybe we could sneak some in on Sunday mornings and nobody would notice.

How does music get added to our play list? How do we do all this? Well I'm glad you asked. We use an old, but very reliable and stable program called OtsDJ. Here is what it looks like ready and waiting for the transmitter to turn on and kick out a morning show.

OtsDJ runs on a dedicated Windows XP computer connected to the Pool10FM transmitter. OtsDJ is responsible for playing out our daily play lists and oh-so-nicely blending one song into the next.

But how do we get the music in there? We start with music in MP3 format, typically full albums. The first step is to convert the MP3 files to OtsDJ files. An album's worth of MP3 files is converted into a single Ots file using a special conversion utility that looks like this.

Here we are ready to convert a Steel Pulse album (twelve songs) to an Ots album file. Once converted, we clean up artist and title 'issues' if needed using another utility called Ots Studio. This can be pretty time consuming and a pain in the butt. But the reward is a clean and easy to search music library.


Now is when the fun starts. This step is called rating and categorizing.

Each song of each album is previewed and given a ranking of 0 to 10. Good tunes get a higher rating. Most songs end up in the 2 to 5 range. There are plenty of zeros (which only get played manually), and very few 9's and 10's (because they tend to repeat way to often). This is where we set the rating.

In addition, each song is placed in one or more categories. The categories were set up years ago, and are used by the programming templates to create daily play list. To your left is the listing of categories which have been set up for Pool10FM. The song in this example belongs to the Morning, Mid-day, and Sunday Morning categories. Obviously it is not a Rob Zombie song!

The program templates are set up to select songs from specific categories, with ratings within certain parameters, with a certain randomization, and are currently programmed to avoid any repeats for thirty days. The "30 day no repeat" rule works "most" of the time, but repeat songs do occasionally find their way into the list under the 30 day limit.


Once the new songs have been rated and categorized, they will automatically be added to the daily play list based on programmed templates for morning, afternoon and evening, Monday through Sunday. Every evening before bed we generate three consecutive play lists for the following day, one each for morning afternoon and evening shows. Here is what playlist generation looks like.

So there you have it. Pool10FM music programming in a nutshell. Any and all ideas for improvement are always welcome. Wanna play some songs yourself? We can set you up with remote access. Technology is a wonderful thing!


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Missundaztood Album Cover - Pink



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