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                                                 adventures of a Pool Guy in 2011 - archives

9/5/2011 - Where did the summer go? It has indeed been a busy summer thanks to our fine listeners. It is so much fun to hook up with interesting people with simular musical interests. Summer may have come and gone, but the new friendships we have made are far less seasonal.

Now for the business at hand. It is that time of the year for the DJ's here to head out into the real world for a while and give our transmitter a rest. Where to this time? A cabin on Walker's Bay of Leech Lake up in northern Minnesota. The quest? Walleye.

So when is Pool10FM gonna be back on the air? Depends on the walleye for the most part, but probably next Sunday.

6/9/2011 - Progress has been made repairing the transmitter, and the best news of all is that the main RF amp is AOK! This is the expensive part of the rig, and we were originally sure this puppy was toasted. But low and behold, the problem was further up stream. We have not truely fixed the root cause problem, but we have installed a temporary band-aid which seems to get the power going where it needs to. The antenna tower went back up this afternoon (with lots of teeth nashing!). She is a little more crooked than before, but it is up in one piece. Short transmitting test runs this afternoon were successfull.

So although we are not out of the woods yet, we are going to give it a try. If you can hear us, please let us know. How's is the range? As good as before? Maybe better? Cross your fingers here as we test the seaworthyness of this band-aided setup.

Transmitter Repair Update:

6/6/2011 - The antenna tower came down Saturday for inspection, but Mmmm, there is no evidence of damage. Not quite sure if this is good or bad.

We had originally thought the antenna failed, causing the main RF amp to burn up. But since the antenna looks AOK, there is a possibility that the main amp (the $$$ part) is also OK.

Our old reliable Bird 43 Wattmeter also seems to be on the blink.

One thing we do know is that the pre-amp for the main amplifier has a burned out MRF136 transistor. We ordered one from California and it is on it's way to Pool10 via USPS.

Once the transistor is replaced and we verify the pre-amp is working, we can once again hook up the main amp and try to determine the level of damage there. Cross your fingers!

Pool10FM is actually on the air these days with VERY low power and old-school antenna. Once you are a few hundred yards from the transmitter, the signal is gone. Just like 2005.

So progress is being made.


6/1/2011 - It is time to announce the winners of our photo contect.

5/31/2011 - We are not dead, just severely wounded. The antenna tower is scheduled to come down once this wind calms down. We have quotes on a pair of new BLF278 transisters. We will need an MRF136 transister as well. And time. And luck.

And the anniversary photo contest? Well it's going strong. We have thus far narrowed the field down to three candidates. That's right, the winner will definitely be one of the three people who entered. Thanks go out for the excellent entries!

Click here for all the photo contest details.




All this machinery








making modern music.


5/25/2011 - This really sucks. Last night around 6:00pm, pool10FM's power output dropped significantly. Today's evaluation is not good. It seems the antenna system failed, creating a 'no load' condition for the final RF amplifier. This in turn fried the amplifier. Ice cold MOSFETs. This whole setup was pieced together years ago, and maybe it's a miracle that it ran as long as it did without problems. It was reliable. We had come to count on it!

Repairs will not be easy or inexpensive. Tears are being shed. The jury is still out.

5/8/2011 - It's our anniversary! What better way to celebrate than with a Pool10FM

                     Photo contest!

                                                        Point, Click, Email, WIN.

Inspired by a loyal listener sending us some wonderful photos yesterday, along with the need to celebrate SEVEN glorious years on the air, we welcome you to join the fun and win big prizes. How does this work? Well here are the "rules".

1. Take some pictures and send them to us.
2. Repeat as often as necessary to improve your odds of winning.

The contest is open through the month of May. Send your digital photos to pool10fm@hotmail.com Judging will be completed and the winner anonymously announced here on this web site on June 1st. All entries are anonymous, but by sending us your photo entries, we may choose to post them here for others to share, compare notes, and make fun of you. Photos will be judged on the following mixed-up criteria.

- Something to do with music and/or radio
- Something to do with our wonderful home here in pool 10 country
- Creativity
- Fun

So if you think you have what it takes, and you want a tasty bottle of wine, get out your camera and have some fun. Oh, did I mention wine? What's a contest without huge prizes. The winner will be entitled to a bottle or two of hand crafted wine personally vinted by the Pool Guy himself (a $3 value!). And if you don't like the wine, heck, you will be entitled to perpetual photo contest winner bragging rights. That's HUGE. So don't wait. Grab your camera and GO!

Click here to see all the entries and winner announcements

5/7/2011 - Internet streaming is back up. For the moment.

A few of our fine listeners wanted to share their idea of a bright Saturday morning in the pool. As you can see, pool 10 of the Mississippi river is once again bursting with life. Here at Pool10FM we often talk about "getting into the pool". But this morning these fine listeners obviously took our advice quite literally. Bravo!

Send us your pool pictures and we will be happy to share. Mmmm, I'm thinking Pool10FM photo contest.

And new music? But of course. Album covers? Here they are...

Thanks to Mr. T for the Mark Knopfler inspiration.

Had to pick up the 70's hits to fill a request for Edison Lighthouse/Love Grows.

What's this? A NEW (2010) Devo album?

And how about some old school off color comedy? Tune in late LATE nights.

No collection would be complete without some crusty Fireside Theatre.

3/23/2011 - Forget what I said about the internet audio stream working a few days ago. It's broke. Again. If you want to listen to Pool10FM, you will need a radio.

3/13/2011 - Our always-iffy internet connection is back up and we are once again able to share POOL10FM over the internet. For how long? Not sure. But as always, click the link above to connect to our Shoutcast streaming audio provider. It's a really good thing some days that we DON'T have any sponsors to answer to!

3/6/2011 Back from an awesome 10 days in Costa Rica. But we won't bore you with details.

Or maybe we will...

Costa Rica is a patch of land the size of West Virginia sandwiched between Nicaragua on the north, Panama on the south, the Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Jungles, mountains, rain forests and volcanoes all bursting with life.

The very serious and unusually disproportional young lady holding a baby below was found in the historical museum in Costa Rica's capital city of San Jose. Those crazy indigenous folks should have endeavored to smile a bit more.

To the right is a very cool little frog we found in a "frog garden", also in Toruaguero out back of our hotel room. No flash bulbs please.

Below is the Pool Guy himself working on inspiration for Friday's surf tunes.

And check this one out. It's your Chix Pick's host overcoming her fears. Do you see her grazing treetops and zip lining through the jungle?. Holy crap! We suggest adding zip lining in a forgion county to your bucket list.

A visit and climb up the side of Arenal Volcano in central Costa Rica, followed by a swim in the hot springs.

Crocodiles in the back water canals of Toruaguero. They tell me that you are not suppose to smile back. I didn't.

Hanging out in the tree house "hotel" room.

Although we were unable to use our cell phone in Costa Rica due to their incompatibility with the global standard CSMA cell phone system, we had no problems finding internet access.

They call this the "Tarzan". For a few dollars (27,500 colon), you can get strapped up to a steel cable which was long ago attached to the trees high in the jungle above by some local madman. Then you have the opportunity to have your body physically tossed, attached to this life thread, into Central American oblivion. What a rush. What a bargain! Gravity brings you hopefully back so that, with a little help from the guides, you get thrusted out to fly like a monkey again. Ho, t0 BEE a chIld aGain.#$@...9(3@

And now back to our regularly scheduled Pool 10 FM program.

2/21/2011 - The crew at Pool10FM is heading to Costa Rica. We have reservations in the rainforest.

Heading out from Wisconsin's now famous city of Madison, the Pool10FM crew will soon be eco-tourists in Costa Rica. We really do have reservations at the "hotel" pictured to the left. Check it out!

When? Flight leaves 2/22 and (with luck) get's us back to The Pool on 3/4. Not three quarters, but March fourth.

Till then, the transmitter will cool.

See you again soon my good friends. Oh, and thanks Kathy for the fine suggestion.

2/20/2011 - The power went out tonight around 6:00pm thanks to the ice storm. It's finally back on now after four-or-so hours in the dark. Everything seems to be working OK, but it would seem like a good time to head out to warmer climates for a while.

2/14/2011 - Yeah, we know... the P10FM internet stream is down. Blame the snowbirds across the river. HEY, ARE YOU GUYS HOME? Can you say static IP?

1/29/2011 - We have been hard at it again, finding new music for the pool. Most of the music we acquire is based on suggestions and inspirations from our fine listeners. Maybe you? Take a look at these 40 new albums which found their way into The Pool here in early 2011.

So there you have it. More crazy Bjork (love her or hate her), a solid dose of newfound Shpongle (perfect for Thursday evenings), some Beatles (how did we miss those?), the new Gorillaz album (better than their last!), and some other listener suggested goodies that we are not so sure about ourselves. So stay tuned in and enjoy the mix!

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Missundaztood Album Cover - Pink



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