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                                             adventures of a Pool Guy - 2009 archives

12/31/2009 - We just got word that DJ Spike is working on a Hi-NRG show for New Years Eve tonight. So tune in sometime after the regularly scheduled Jewel's show for some kick-ass music ala DJ Spike!

12/28/2009 - One of the features of this website is sharing our Pool10FM playlist in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet takes a little time to update and publish, and the last time we did this was back in January 2009. With all the new additions this year, we figured it was time for an update. So you can either go to the Playlist page using the link to your left, of simply click below to grab the updated spreadsheet.

                                    Click here to download the updated playlist spreadsheet

12/26/2009 - Thanks go out to all the fine listener email over the holidays. Keep um' coming. It keeps us going!

12/21/2009 - It seems we are evolving our Sunday lineup. Following the ever popular Coral show in the morning, we have morphed Sunday's into an all-album day. We seek and play complete albums entirely in their entirety. We seem to be leaning towards world music, and will continue this trend. We will try and line up albums for you from around noon when Coral wraps things up, until 9:00pm when DJ Spike makes his mark.

So listen in. If you don't like what you hear, wait. And if you do, enjoy. The whole album will be on the deck!

Suggestions?    Bring um' on!

12/20/2009 - It's that time of year when we start to look forward to a new year, and look back on the year gone by. Looking back, we have so much to be grateful for. Number one on the list? We are still here, alive and well and on the air, sharing music. The transmitter has not burned out. The antenna was not hit by lightning. Nobody with official badges have knocked on our door. And the bills are paid. And looking forward, 2010 holds the promise of more new musical discoveries for us and our listeners. That is, in the end, what we are all about. Music.

A quick shout out to Dave. Thanks for your request list.

And thanks to Jane for the nice email.

Finally thanks to our friends up on Kishwaukee Lane & Elm, thanks for your support.

12/14/2009 - Great new DJ Spike show last night, we hope you did not miss it. And what could be better than a fresh DJ Spike show? How about a NEW YEARS DJ Spike show! That's right, we are gearing up for a fine four hour (give or take) show on new years eve to ring in 2010.

12/1/2009 - New music tends to make it's way into the Pool10FM playlist in waves. Once again we are pleased to share album artwork from this latest wave of new-to-the-pool music. There is a slug of Danny Gatton and a peppering of Scotty Anderson thanks to some fine Harper's Ferry listeners. Then there is King Missile thanks to a fine listener in Guttenberg's long lost memories of detachable genital parts. King Missile is some pretty entertaining music! It will make you turn your head, that's for sure. Then an outstanding live album by Eric Clapton and Stevie Windwood thanks to a recommendation by fine listener Mr. T. Not to be outdone by the David Essex "Greatest Hits" album featuring the outstanding song "Rock On", however, after listening to this entire "Greatest Hits" album I am convinced that David Essex is a true one-hit-wonder. Moving right along, we find lots of new Asian and middle eastern albums. These are often finding their way into the Sunday lineup. Why? Just because the DJ's here like it. And of course, reggae and dub. Again, DJ's picks. The reggae added this time around is very classic, old school, roots music. And we can never turn down the temptation to add some eclectic music to spruce up the Thursday evening Jewels show.

Now, we here at Pool10FM realize that "rap" music is not the most popular or listenable genera, but it's influence can not be denied. And one of the most influential albums of the genera, added to the playlist here, is Ice Cube's classic AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. Follow that up with the new Eminem "Relapse" album and you have two albums that are pretty much reserved for the late night "Adult Swim". Get the kiddies out of the pool!

And finally, we round out the new additions with some more traditional rock 'n' roll to fill in a few gaps; George Thorogood, Motely Crue, Scorpions, Boston (how did we miss this album?),  Fastball, Phil Collins and Judas Priest.

Apologies in advance for the long wait on the loading of these oversized graphics.

Azam Ali get's two thumbs up.

kamasutra experience?

She's cute!

After more than five years of broadcasting, you can now hear Boston on Pool10FM.

Is this a good thing? It is good music. Overplayed? Maybe just a little.

The Niyaz album is worth a second take.

Knowing the popularity of The Gorillaz on Pool10FM, a nephew recommended The Good, The Bad & The Queen.

"Although The Good, The Bad & The Queen was first reported as a solo album by Albarn with Danger Mouse producing, NME revealed in late July 2006 that the solo project had been switched to a new group formed by Albarn. Subsequently The Good, the Bad & the Queen was mistaken as being the name of the band. It is stated that the record is, in a sense, a concept album, as its songs are all themed around modern life in London. It was described by Albarn as "a song cycle that's also a mystery play about London" in an interview with Mojo."

It does have a Gorillaz feel. We will reserve judgment until we give this one another listen.

Brand New Can should maybe have just left the pop top down on that musical can of theirs..

Thanks for the recommendation on this one Mr. T.

And that wraps up another wave of music to share here in the pool on this fine first day of December in 2009.


11/30/2009 - S#!t. We forgot to cue up the promised Pink Floyd last week Friday. We'll try and shoot for this week Friday, December 4th, 9:00pm.

11/22/2009 - We had some fun today adding a new page to our web site. Check out The Abdabs link here, and on the main link bar. This new 4-CD collection is a rare treat. We will be playing it in it's entirety this week Friday evening at 9:00pm. Tune in for some music from one of your favorite groups that you have most likely never heard before!

11/20/2009 - We are a little frustrated. A little like Vira Miles in a hot shower, somehow our web site got, well, sliced and diced.

You know, Vira looks a lot like the gal with the headphones on above. Coincidence?

It's been a while, but this web site is finally back in one piece. But more importantly, Pool10FM is alive and well. We are firing up the transmitter and broadcasting music each and every day. How much more fun can be had here in rural America?

Guess our hit counter at the bottom of this web site got reset in the turmoil. Sorta' like McDonalds. They no longer let us know just how many "Hamburgers have been served". It's all relative.

More pressing subjects... DJ Spike has a new show ready for us to debut Sunday 11/21/2009. So tune in! 

New music? But of course! We have beefed up our reggae, middle-eastern, and I don't know what cha call it world music and crazy funky things you won't likely hear ANYPLACE else. As always, these new selections are making their way into the Pool10FM playlist ever so slowly. But in the mean time in between time, you will be catching new audio goodies.

We will get some album artwork up here shortly.

9/28/2009 - Man is this web site screwed up! After disappearing for a few days, at least we can now get back in and do some editing and updating. But what happened to my background? The banner on the top? And all my links?!? I suspect this site was moved to a different server and obviously came through the wash with lots of wrinkles. Grrrrr! I guess this is what you get for $4.95/month.


8/29/009 - We just stumbled across Captain Beefheart and his Trout Mask Replica album. While airing the album in it's entirety this morning, we have come to realize this guy is truly a freak! The album title and cover artwork speak volumes about what's inside. Sortof a cross between Zappa, Bob Dylan and Primus, with lyrics that make about as much sense as a man wearing, say, a trout mask and a fur stole.

You will be hearing more Captain Beefheart on Pool10FM, but not a lot more. Just like limburger, it has the potential to delight in small doses. Just don't make a meal of it.


8/2/2009 - A quick heads-up, tune in for another fresh DJ Spike show this evening.


7/5/2009 - Last week's LIVE DJ Spike show was a huge success. So much so that we are going to try it again tonight! Tune it at 9:00 and enjoy some musical treasures as only DJS can serve up.

6/28/2009 - The stars are lining up for a rare 'first ever' Pool10FM pirate radio treat tonight at 9:00pm. Technology will be put to the test as DJ Spike will attempt a live broadcast! That's right, tune in this evening at 9:00pm for DJ Spike LIVE.

This show will originate from DJ Spike's K-ART studio in Ames, Iowa, and will be streamed to the Pool10FM studio for rebroadcast to you on 96.7MHz. LIVE! 


6/15/2009 - Listen to Pool10FM for some recently acquired music that does not suck from local artist Butane MacLane, direct to you from the Ozarks. Check him out for yourself at www.butanemaclane.com. Hey, any guy who dreams of making a spinach and hen's egg omelet out of oversize hailstones is crazy enough warrant attention in the Pool. Butane MacLane, his own self! The real deal.


6/14/2009 - Once again, we are blessed with new music for the Pool. And once again, album artwork is the messenger of the love.





6/9/2009 - It was a rough day yesterday here at the Pool. Between warding off reporters and answering questions from investigators, there was little time to address the real issues surrounding contest winners. All contest entries have now been received, and they are both excellent, exhibiting dedication to the Pool along with exemplary musical knowledge. The entries have been tabulated, compared, regurgitated, and otherwise scrutinized to establish official Gold and Silver medal winners. Contestants were both consulted on this all crucial decision, and all parties agree that the honorable Mr. T is indeed the Gold Medal winner, while the gregarious unstoppable duo which is Rod & Meg will slide into the number two spot, graciously accepting the silver. As a concession for the premature gold medal announcement, the Pool10FM executive board has decided to award both of the medal winners HUGE prices (homemade hooch), thus alleviating the Pool Guy from the trouble of having to make a custom T-shirt and affording him the opportunity to enjoy a mojito or two.


 So.  Now.  Congratulations go out to our new contest winner, the one and only Mr. T, who is also a long LONG time Pool10FM listener and significant contributor. It is rare to find listeners with such passion and love for music, and a willingness to keep us going with witty emails and commentary. Rock on Mr. T.


And now the official list. These are the 14 songs and artists which were played during our contest. Variety? It's the name of the game.



1              One / Three Dog Night

2              The Way / Fastball

3              All Summer Long / Kid Rock

                           Selected rip off's were Sweet Home Alabama / Lynard Skynard

                           and Werewolves of London / Warren Zevon

4              Knock Three Times / Tony Orlando and Dawn

5              Armageddon It / Def Leppard

6              Relax Max / Dinah Washington

7              My head hurts, my feet sting, and I don’t love Jesus / Jimmy Buffet

8              Ballad of the Green Beret / Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler

9              Umbrella / Rihanna

10           Ten Years Gone / Led Zeppelin

11           Song 2 / Blur

12           Elevator Music / Beck

13           Back in Black / AC/DC

14           Water Song / Hot Tuna



        Pool 10 FM    Chronicle       FINAL
FOUNDED 2004     VolCLXI, NO 23   CCCCCAAA     Saturday, June 6, 2009         ₮₮                Daily 5 Cents, Sunday 15 Cents 
Pool Guy admits to Epoch Email Glitch, fails to register Domain Name on time
  Basic Human Rights Ignored
By The Pool Press
       POOL10, June 6 - Just one day after announcing the winner of the Pool10FM 5th anniversary 'Name That Tune' contest, the Chronicle has learned that there may have been other contest entries that were not received by the Pool Guy due to his blatant and irresponsible conduct with regard to Domain Name Registration. The alleged lapse in email service is believed to have occurred sometime between May 31st and June 1st. Any email sent to music@pool10fm.com during this dark period may have simply been lost. The Chronicle finds it 'more than just a coincidence' that this lapse in email service occurred at the exact time that contest entries were to be sent in for judging. When questioned on the subject by staff reporters, the Pool Guy admitted to the lapse in service, but claims it was simply an oversight and had nothing to do with the timing of contest entries. Nations around the world are calling for a full investigation.

SUCH AN INNOCENT FACE - DJ's at The Pool may be facing jail time for announcing contest winner prematurely.


6/6/2009 - It is with great regret that we find ourselves in the awkward  position of having to retract the premature announcement of Rod and Meg as the winners of the 'Name That Tune' contest. Anyone who has entered and not heard from us directly is encouraged to resubmit their list of song titles and artists for final judging. We will re-open the window for entries until midnight on Monday, June 8th. The winner will be announced here on this site sometime on Tuesday, June 9th along with the official listing of the 14 song titles and artists played during the contest.


6/5/2009 - As promised, today we announce the winner of the Name That Tune contest, or as the winners like to call it, the Pool10fM Music Olympics. And the winners are...

         ... Loyal listeners ROD & MEG in Guttenberg. Rod and Meg did it without the help of web site clues, and nailed all 14 song titles 100%. Their hard work has earned them the gold medal and HUGE prizes. And here at Pool10FM, we can not think of any more deserving winners. Rod and Meg have been champions of the Pool since we started back in 2004, they've contributed some of the music you hear every day and provided immeasurable encouragement. So a huge CONGRATULATIONS go out to Rod & Meg. Well done.


6/1/2009 - It is time to gather up your list of the 14 song titles and artists we have played over the past 14 days and get them judged for huge prizes. Our web site and email were down this morning (great timing, eh!) but we are once again alive and well. So if you had troubles with sending email to music@pool10fm.com, that's the reason. You can always use our alternate email address, pool10fm@hotmail.com. Take your pick. But remember, the deadline for entry is midnight June 3rd.

Good luck!


5/31/2009 - Hopefully song #14, the last song in our Name That Tune contest, was a little more challanging. If you need help, we can tell you that Song #14 was released in 1972 on the Grunt record label. But that's all the clues you get.


5/29/2009 - Song #13 will not require ANY clues. It's a gimmie.


5/28/2009 - Friday's song will be song #12, and you might need a few clues for this song. It is the first song on the seventh album by this American artist, released in 2006. The album was added to our playlist in the first half of 2007, and the album cover artwork is posted on this site in the What's New archives.


5/27/2009 - Once again, a little troubles getting the transmitter to turn on this morning. Good thing this is not a commercial radio station, we would loose all our sponsors. Anyhow, we are indeed on the air once again this morning. Listen up for song #10 at noon and/or 6:00pm.


Tomorrow is Thursday, and will bring us to song #11. We hope you have been keeping track to win outrageous prizes. Song #11 was released in 1997, and is the second song on this album. It was also the second single to be released from the album. It reached #2 in the UK singles charts and placed #2 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 1997 in Australia. The song is the shortest in our contest, coming in at only two minutes and two seconds long. Do you need any more clues?


5/26/2009 - We had a little troubles getting the transmitter to turn on this morning at the usual 7:25am. Power outage last night. Tomorrow for song #10 we are taking you back to the seventies for some classic R&R. Classic? Yes. Hopefully a bit challenging? Yes. We can't make this TOO easy.


5/25/2009 - Tomorrow's song of the day, song #9 in the Name That Tune contest, brings us back to the current decade. This song earned a Grammy Award for the Barbadian artist in 2008. And another clue... the song is NOT by The Beatles and is NOT titled Number Nine.


5/24/2009 pm - We just got word that we might have a fresh DJ Spike show to share this evening. A few stars have to line up first thought. Cross your fingers and tune in around 9:00pm!


5/24/2009 - Tomorrow is Memorial Day, commemorating U.S. men and women who died in the military service. Monday's song of the day, song #8, also honors those who have helped make the freedoms, which we all take for granted, possible. Song #8 was number one on the charts for five weeks in 1966, back when the Beatles and Rolling Stones were dominating U.S. charts. It was also the time of the Vietnam war, when the U.S. military was not always cast in a very positive light.


5/23/2009 - The only reason for song #7 on Sunday is the great song title. This artist is defined by fun in the sun.


5/22/2009 - In anticipation of Saturday's song of the day, song #6, we once again provide a few clues. This will certainly be the oldest song in the contest, released in 1956 it was never a big hit until being popularized in recent TV commercials for The Gap. This song does get quite a bit of Pool10FM airplay, so the tune will be familiar to regular listeners. It just happens to be a DJ favorite.


5/21/2009 - Friday's song of the day will be song #5, and as usual, it is clue time. Song #5 has never been played on Pool10FM, but managed to go to number 3 in 1988. Be careful of possible word play in the title.


5/20/2009 - Time to review a few facts about the upcoming song #4 in the Pool10FM 'Name That Tune' contest. Tomorrow's song of the day, song #4, is one of those songs that falls into the this song sucks category, but deserves attention if for no other reason than it helps us realize the difference between songs that suck and songs that don't suck. It did hit number one in January of 1971, and sold nine million copies, which really makes me scratch my head.


5/19/2009 - It's clue time. Tomorrow's song, which is song #3, was released in 2008 and finally represents some newer music. But it is such a blatant rip off! Extra points will be awarded for listeners who correctly identify the title and artist of BOTH blatant rip-offs that helped make song #3 a hit. So here is your first chance for brownie points.

5/18/2009 - Today's song of the day, song #1 in our Fifth Anniversary Name That Song contest, was an easy One. Tomorrow's song, #2, is a bit more obscure but one of our favorites. The sentiment of simply driving away from life on a romantic adventure with no particular destination rocks almost as much as the song. Want another clue? It was released in 1998. No more clues.


5/17/2009 - Tomorrow is the day to start keeping track of our daily feature song to win Ginormous prizes. Tune it at 7:25, 12:00, or 6:00 and keep track of the artist and title. Heck, tune in all three times and hear the song three times over. Just like a commercial radio station would do!


5/13/2009 - We have a treat for you tomorrow. One of our fine listeners (who shall remain anonymous) sent in a request for a song by Peaches & Herb called Reunited. If you remember this song like we do, you also remember the AMC Gremlin and Tang commercials. In our never ending quest to own every album ever recorded, we picked up this Best Of album. Join us Thursday around 11:00 for the Pool10FM premier and let us know what you think.  1. Shake Your Groove Thing
2. Funtime
3. Lovey Dovey (Girl and Guy)
4. Reunited
5. Surrender
6. We've Got Love
7. Love Stealers
8. Roller Skatin' Mate
9. I Pledge My Love
10. Bluer Than Blue
11. All Your Love (Give It Here)
12. Freeway
13. Four's a Traffic Jam
14. One Child of Love
15. Shake Your Groove Thing [12"]
         I find it amusing that Peaches & Herb released nine LP's / CD's, but also managed to release TEN greatest hits, best of, and compilation LP's and CD's. Does this make any sense?

I also learned that there was only one "Herb", but a total of five "Peaches".


4/28/2009 - We are back on the air seven days a week starting TOMORROW. Chicks Picks are back!


4/27/2009 - Announcing the Pool10FM 5th anniversary "Name That Tune" contest! Here's the details you have been waiting for.



Listen... Enter... Win!

During the month of May, Pool10FM is sponsoring a first-ever “Name That Tune” anniversary contest. Do you think you know your music? Put your skills to the test and win big prizes. Your challenge, if you decide to accept it, is to identify the title and artist of 14 songs. Should be pretty easy, right? Listen every day for 14 days, from May 18th through May 31rd, and we will feature one song for you to identify each day. This feature song will be played three times during the day, so you have plenty of chances. You can hear the daily feature song first thing in the morning at the start of the broadcast day at 7:25am, then again at 12:00 noon, and once again at 6:00pm. Identify the title and artist of all 14 songs (or however many you can) and send your list to music@pool10fm.com by June 3th to enter. In case of a tie, the judges will make the final decisions based on the overall merit of your entry, so don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun. After all, that’s what Pool10FM is all about! Winners will be announced on the web site on Friday June 5th. Please let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Also be sure to include your mailing address so we can get your prizes out ASAP!


And the prizes are…


FIRST PLACE: Three bottles of delicious DJ-fermented homemade wine (a $9 value!)

                Choose from apple, cranberry, orange, apple/cherry, grapefruit, pineapple, and even grape

SECOND PLACE: Limited Edition POOL10FM pirate radio T-shirt

                Choose your own size, and select black, white, or gray

THIRD PLACE: Two hours of your favorite music on the air

                You choose the date, time, and playlist. We will do the rest


Remember, contest deadline is May 31, 2009. So tune in daily, 5/18 through 5/31, and win BIG!


4/23/2009 - May is anniversary month here in Pool10, and this year we will be celebrating the big number 5! That's right, 5 years on the air. Unbelievable! And to celebrate, we will once again be switching to seven day a week broadcasts for the month of May. Mondays we will be featuring almost completely commercial and announcement free back-to-back albums, morning till sign-off. Complete albums. In their complete entirety. Put your requests in and enjoy. Then on Tuesday mornings it's back to the Blues. And Wednesday morning? Chicks Picks of course. 


And if that is not enough, keep your eyes on this web site and listen to Pool10FM for details of our upcoming 5th anniversary contest. You could win HUGE prizes all while enjoying free radio.  


4/19/2009 - New DJ Spike show tonight at 9:00pm. DJS promises lots if fresh music and music you have probably never heard on the Pool. And maybe anywhere else for that matter. So tune in and open your mind!


4/11/2009 - Lazy? Yes! So we have been terribly delinquent keeping this web site up to date. But hey, it's about the music, not the web site (good excuse, eh?). Anyways, POOL10FM is still going strong despite the lack of web updates. We were pleased to pick up some new listeners last week, who live about 20 miles from our international broadcast towers and studio. I think this is a record for broadcast distance. Radio waves do strange things, especially here in the hills and valleys of Pool10.


So what is new? Well, music of course. We continue to add to our music collection, seeking out the every day classics as well as new or unusual selections to experiment with. If you have visited this site in the past, you know we like to introduce these new additions by posting the album cover artwork. So here goes. These albums were added to the Pool over the past few months...



George Carlin is hilarious and usually timeless. We will miss him. Our prudence keeps us from putting too much of it on the air during daylight hours. You might catch some late at night. Especially Saturdays after the Tombraider show. Just seems to work.



Apologies ahead of time for the Rod Steward, Pink, Britney and Peter Frampton. Without music that sometimes sucks, how would we know to appreciate good music?






The Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Christmas album, Jingle All The Way, is truly unique. The Flecktones freak us out once again by magically incorporating Tuvan throat singing into these Christmas classics. I don't know why we are telling you this in April, other than giving you something to look forward to next Christmas.



Loreena kinda sucks. My brother turned me onto her, so blame him. On man's music is another man's emesis. It still deserves a place in the Sunday morning lineup. To each their own.



 How did we live before Meat Loaf's album Bat Out Of Hell was in the playlist?



We took some steps to round out the Korn, NIN, Ozzy, and David Bowie collections. Sorry my keyboard is not supplied with a backwards "R". I do have a backwards "X" though.



Then there is some new Metallica, who's musical talents stretch beyond their heavy metal reputation. And new AC/DC? Yup, a new album. While we love AC/DC, this album is a little same-old same-old.


<-- crusty


And finaly, last but not least, the Pool Guy's favorite pick of the lot, Roxy Music's classic Country Life album. No, wait, it is edged out by the Doors album Strange Days





1/31/2009 - New Tombraider show tonight. 10:30. Be there.


1/23/2009 - Keep your children away from the radio tomorrow night.


1/9/2009 - The Pool10FM on-line playlist got an update today. Click on Music Library to download the playlist, make your requests, and let us know what holes need to be filled in.


Also, we are looking for penetrating songs to insert into a stimulating playlist on Saturday January 24 when we host our first annual "Adult Toy Party Night". When you think naughty music, what comes to mind? 


1/8/2009 - Off the subject of music for a moment. Our Saturday night heavy metal DJ, the Tombraider, recently took a trip with his family to Washington DC. This is, in my humble opinion, something everybody in this still great country of ours should do at least once in their lifetime. Tombraider sent us this email along with a few picture he took while there. It is, without doubt, worth sharing.

The TombRaider in Washington DC.


Our great nation's capitol, from a freedom lover's perspective.  A few things struck me as I walked around all the historic buildings and memorials. 

First, the White H ouse sits between two historic buildings both of which held departments such as the Department of War,  the Navy and the Department of State.  There are statues and monuments for the 1st Infantry, and other military branches and divisions in front of each building.  Merely looking at the historical placement of these great buildings leaves no doubt the office of the President was first and foremost the Commander in Chief.  A military commander.  It's hard to for me to fathom how far off course we are without one.  The other oddity that struck me was that the Thomas Jefferson memorial was established by FDR.  I didn't know that.  FDR may have admired Thomas Jefferson, but I can't imagine that Thomas Jefferson would have been so enamored with the father of the welfare state in return.  The most impressive building to gaze upon is the Capital.  The power and corruption currently encapsulated within seems to burst at the seams in

such a way that you cannot take your eye off of it.   It's almost too

much to take in when I considered that fact as I wandered through the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, Iwo Jima, and Arlington Cemetery, where the cost that so many have paid to secure and protect our way of life is fully displayed.

  The city itself in general was fabulous, alive and vibrant.  The row houses are charming, the trees and slopes of the exclusive Oak hill cemetery were beautiful even in the dead of winter.  I also took a trip out to Mount Vernon.  Our first president had one of the most peaceful and beautiful vistas out his front porch I have witnessed, challenged only by some views I have experienced from the top of some of the peaks in the Rocky Mountains. 

Finally, there is a flag pole on Ft. McNair that the British sawed in half when they overtook the base in the war of 1812.  I've seen it now in person, and the Pentagon.  My resolve to defend this country against tyranny has only been solidified and I care not where or who tries to subject me and my country to it.  Bring it on.  Prior to this trip I had considered moving to Costa Rica (check their history) another freedom loving people. I was thinking that all was lost here.  But I've reconsidered and might very will make the move to our capital instead. 

Freedom lovers like me are in short supply there and the only way to fix it is to go there myself I think, I encourage you to join me.





1/4/2009! - Time flies when you are having fun, and we are still having fun here in the Pool. Welcome to 2009. We have some fresh tunes in the playlist for you again. Bend your ear for some Little Feat, R.E.M., Eric Clapton, Rent and Twisted soundtracks, Silvertide, Theory of a Deadman, Hendrix covers, new Metallica and AC/DC, and the list goes on. Thanks go out to our listeners for the great suggestions and contributions!



You can continue reading "What's NOT so new any more" by checking out the "What's New" archives. Here are the links to the archives: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010,2011 and current.

Missundaztood Album Cover - Pink



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