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                                                     adventures of a Pool Guy - 2008 archives


11/27/2008 - Ooh La La, lots and lots of new music was added to the Pool this week, thanks to one loyal listener who shall be know as KA. Ms. KA was kind enough to loan us a nice bag full-o CD's last week, which are now back in  her hands as well as part of the Pool10FM library. So THANKS Ms. KA!


Also, looks like we are going to get ourselves a fresh Tombraider show this coming Saturday night. So be sure to tune in.


Finally, Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners. We DO have MUCH to be thankful for!


10/26/2008 - In an attempt to promote quality over quantity, Pool10FM will be starting the broadcast week on Thursday instead of Monday. The Pool10FM nation has declared Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as national broadcast holidays. The music workweek shall hereby begin on Thursday and continue unabated through Sunday. So enjoy the holiday, and more important, enjoy the music workweek starting on Thursdays.


10/25/2008 - Muffler belt is fixed and we are back on the air! And on top of that, the Tombraider has promised an all new Halloween show for tonight around 10:30.


10/22/2008 - Some troubles in the studio lately. I think we broke a muffler belt.


10/12/2008 - Looks like DJ Spike will be in the house tonight with an all new show. Tune in around 9:00 and enjoy the unexpected. And while we here at Pool10FM try to express all sides of political issues equally, in these trying times we can not help but endorse one candidate.


10/11/2008 - Tune in tonight for an all new TombRaider show. If you missed last week's show, here is a portion of what you missed. As our country heads into troubled economic times, it is even more poignant to be reminded of our forefathers struggles, strength and determination. And on a completely different subject on the lighter side, Crystal found this news story and it was just too good not to share. Roll over Beethoven.


9/29/2008 - We're back. Here is a freshly cracked open geode from our hunt. Every one is different, and you never quite know what to expect. This little fella has not seen the light of day since... well... never.

But what about the music? Hey, we got the streaming audio working again this morning! Internet access here in the Pool10FM studio can be iffy some days. One of the drawbacks of living in paradise I guess.


9/25/2008 - The DJ's are heading to Keokuk, IA to hunt geodes for a few days. We will be back on the air late Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. Or?


9/19/2008 - Shiver me timbers! Here it is International Talk Like a Pirate day (NTLAPD). Shiver me timbers, one of our loyal listeners had to point this out to us, lest we forget this rum drinkin' holiday. But don't despair. Talking like a pirate is an everyday, natural occurrence here in the Pool. Arrrr!


9/15/2008 - Heads up for DJ Spike fans. Tune in for an all new extended DJ Spike show coming up this Sunday evening,  9/21, 9:00pm. As always, expect the unexpected for the Spike Master.


9/13/2008 - Just got word that the TombRaider will again be in the house. Tune in tonight around 10:30 for another all new TombRaider show.


8/31/2008 - As this fine summer winds down, it is time to share some more eye candy. Here is a selection of album covers from albums that have been added to the Pool in the past few months. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see added to the playlist!

Outrageous. Sorry.


At the risk of offending our listeners, Joan Baez clearly falls into the category of music that SUCKS.





... Recent Led Zeppelin binge

If you have heard what sounds like Pink Floyd doing Animals live recently, it is probably the Les Claypool's Frog Brigade album entitled simply "Set 2". This album 'recreates' the Animals album with exceptional spirit, energy, and emotion.


Do you think Joni Mitchell (borderline music that sucks) and Ozzy could live in the same neighborhood?


8/30/2008 - Hang on tight for a new TombRaider show tonight at 10:30. Tonight's featured artist... Queensryche.


8/17/2008 - Somehow the DJ's here missed out on the opportunity to air a new TombRaider show last night, but we will surely have a fresh one for you next Saturday night around 10:30pm. We also have a fresh DJ Spike show coming at you tonight at 9:00pm. So stay tuned for the Spike Master!


8/10/2008 - Just got word that we have another DJ Spike show on the way for tonight. Keep tuned till around 9:30pm for a mix like only DJS can provide. Also, thanks for the shout from our friends M&R. Happy trails to Cali my friends.


8/9/2008 - And we're back! The bass fishing in Duck Lake was wonderful, thanks for asking. So what's new? Well for starters, TombRaider has put together another new show for tonight, so crank up the volume at 10:30pm. If this show is anything like his last two, hang on tight. Next, thanks go out to the mystery uploader for the fresh Peter Green & Rory Gallagher along with Semisonic. Semisonic... Mmmmm... Who could it be? Mr. S? Mr. U? Thanks as always!!!


8/4/2008 - Time to let the transmitters cool down for a week. The Pool Guy is off to Michigan's U.P. to take in some north woods air, admire the towering hemlock, and catch some sweet bass. Tune in next Friday or Saturday to see if the transmitter wants to play.

And if you are considering purchasing a Harley Davidson motorcycle  (or already own one), think again. Get a Jeep instead.

Not a Liberty or Cherokee.

A REAL Jeep.

They have FOUR wheels instead of two and hold plenty of passengers!

Slowly now for those who don't understand...

     p a s s e n g e r s

And some nice thick mud.

Some days it's good to be the Pool Guy.


8/2/2008 - Three things; 1) it's X-tal's birthday today! Shoot her a b-day wish at music@pool10fm.com 2) Don't forget the fireworks show tonight in Glen Haven, and 3) enjoy ANOTHER all new TombRaider show tonight after the fireworks at 10:30.




7/26/2008 - We've got something new for you here in the Pool. Tune in tonight at 10:30pm for the world premier  airing of the all new TombRaider show. This is a metal show, but probably not what you expect. Some great tunes never before heard in the Pool.

The TombRaider has graciously volunteered his time and talent to put together one hell of a kick-ass show for us. So be there. Saturday. July 26. 10:30pm. 96.7MHz. TombRaider.


7/20/2008 - We just got word that DJ Spike is putting together another fresh show for this evening, so tune in later for the often-imitated-but-never-duplicated DJ Spike!


7/6/2008 - Here is a gem we uncovered today. Where were you on May 13, 1973? Mobile, Alabama?

tickets were Six Dollars! (or in today's currency, about 1-1/2 gallons of gas)


6/29/2008 - Stay tuned for an all new DJ Spike show this evening.


6/29/2008 - Nothing says new music like album covers. Here is a collection of this weeks additions to the Pool.



The last one here, Tuvan Throat Singeing Virtuosos, is one I can GUARANTEE you will not hear on WQPC.


6/28/2008 - This "What's New" page seems to have become bloated and slow-loading since it's inception back in 2005. So to speed things up, the older (What's NOT so new) information has been archived by year. If you want some history of Pool10FM, you can dig into these archive pages. But if you want to find out what is truly new, this page should load much faster for you. Here are the links to the archives: 2005 2006 and 2007.

6/3/2008 - If you were trying to visit our web site in the past few days and had problems, well, you are not alone. We forgot to pay the bill and our domain name expired. But thanks to $12.95, we are back up for another year.


The studio is flooded with new music! Dozens of new albums to go through and set up for airplay in the pool, from Afterdark to Tuvan Throat Singing. From Andrew Bird to bootleg Zeppelin. So stay tuned. The one thing our listeners have come to expect is the unexpected.


5/11/2008 - DJ Spike has officially promised the rad listeners of the pool a "kick ass' new show for next week, but today he is doing what all good DJ's should be doing... celebrating mother's day with his mom. But hang onto your hats for next week as DJS has some fresh catches to share in the pool. Until then, tune in tonight for a DJ Spike rerun marathon. 100% DJ Spike from 7:00 till ???


Happy Birthday to us.    Happy Birthday to us.     Happy Birthday dear Pool10FM.     Happy Birthday to us.

5/10/2008 - It's hard to believe Pool10FM is celebrating FOUR YEARS on the air. We never could have done this without the help and encouragement of our loyal listeners. The staff here (yeah, staff...) sends thanks to all who have sent emails, recorded spots, contributed music, provided requests and feedback, and helped with programming. Keep it coming, and we will keep broadcasting as long as our government and finances allow. 


4/24/2008 - The DJ's are heading out for the weekend. See you again sometime Sunday. Hopefully.


4/18/2008 - Pool10FM supports both gambling AND arithetic.

 Without 'gamble' in your life, where would you be? Where would any of us be? Some gambles might even beat arithetic.


4/13/2008 - We are once again working hard to bring new music to the pool. Old familiar tunes always put a smile on your face, but new music brings inspiration to the present moment, which is all we really have. And album artwork is eye candy we like to share. So enjoy the eye candy collage of these new additions and stay tuned in for a fresh ear full.





We are taking requests. Looking for lost gems. Looking for overlooked audio treasures. New or old albums which would make good addition to the Pool. Click here and simply give us an artist or album name. We will do the rest.




4/7/2008 - Another fine new addition to the playlist thanks to loyal listener Mr. T. Semisonic is the group. Pleasures EP is the album. It will debut on the Pool tomorrow, April 8, 2:00pm. We hope you enjoy!

Last fall we lamented the demise of our favorite website, Oink.uk, when it was abruptly shut down. The Pool has not been the same since. Fresh music has been a challenge. But good news! In the wise words of a friend, Oink.cd was like the mythological Greek Hydra. When the head of Oink.cd was cut off, two new heads grew to take it's place. Thus today we are blessed with Waffles and What.cd? filling the void left behind by Oink.cd. And with a little help from our friends in Isla de Muerte, the Pool will soon be sharing more music than ever. Oh happy day!


3/26/2008 - It's been way to long since our last update, but that does not mean we are asleep. Pool10FM is alive, well, and kicking. It is our pleasure every day to share music in this quiet little corner of our planet. Thanks to everyone who sent in requests. Each and every one is special, and we do our best to fill them. Keep um coming!


We are taking down the Link Of The Day for general staff laziness reasons. Let's stick to music.


The upload folder had some surprise in it this month! We found some wonderful blues/rock from the likes of Rory Gallagher, Professor Longhair, and others. We don't quite know where they came from, but a huge THANK YOU goes out to whomever took the time to upload these goodies. Pool10FM is a free radio station, and all we have are your contributions to keep us fresh. Help us out... upload your favorites and we will get them on the air. The more eclectic, the better!


1/2/2008 - Say a prayer for this little boy. Serious. For real. He is missed.


1/27/2008 - All the way from Westboro, Wisconsin and a long LONG lost (but periodically rediscovered) friend comes new music for the pool! What was in my mailbox this week? A CD entitled "Mike's Best of the Tragically Hip". Turns out Mike took the time to pull together some of his favorite Tragically Hip tunes to share with me. How cool is that? These guys play some solid, raw, Canadian hometown rock & roll. So listen in as we share this new treasure with Pool10FM listeners. As Mike puts it, "a classic case of really good music that never got a chance". Thanks Mike!


1/22/2008 - First things first, the Pool10FM Shoutcast server should be back up, so you can once again enjoy Pool10FM via the internet.


Important things second. A HUGE thanks go out to loyal listener Mr. T for his recent contribution of new CalexicoDavid Crosby. and Folksongs for the Afterlife. Three fresh albums to roll into the mix, along with an eclectic collection of a few other singles. What can I say? THANKS!


Remember, music is what we are all about here at the pool. Our challenge every day is to keep things fresh. If you have music that you would like to contribute, please let us know!


1/17/2008 - Thank you KK for the shout and fresh Agent Orange. A little Metalica to cleanse the pallet.


1/2/2008 - Pool10FM now with 50% less commercial interruptions in 2008. More music, if that is possible.


1/1/2008 -

I was told a million times
Of all the troubles in my way
Tried to grow a little wiser
Little better ev'ry day
But if I crossed a million rivers
And I rode a million miles
Then I'd still be where I started
Bread and butter for a smile
Well I sold a million mirrors
In a shop in Alley Way
But I never saw my face
In any window any day
Well they say your folks are telling you
To be a superstar
But I tell you just be satisfied
To stay right where you are

Keep yourself alive keep yourself alive
It'll take you all your time and a money
Honey you'll survive


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Missundaztood Album Cover - Pink



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