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                                                     adventures of a Pool Guy - 2007 archives


12/31/2007 - We here at Pool10FM are ready to hit the ground running in 2008, so hang on. We've got some new music to share, including new CD's from Collie Buddz, Modest Mouse, Gorillaz, Katchafire, Lee 'scratch' Perry, Avril Lavigne, Punjabi MC, M.I.A (hang onto your floatation devices when listening to M.I.A.), Sean Paul, Prem Joshua, Deep Purple, and last but not least for all you Apple TV commercial fans, the new Feist CD.


12/30/2007 - The DJ's here in the studio are desperatly looking for anyone who can provide an invite to www.waffles.fm. Like Mick Jagger would say, ain't too proud to beg. Your contribution will SIGNIFICANTLY improve the quality and variety of Pool10FM as we head into 2008.


12/19/2007 - The transmitter continues to cool off after over 3 years of almost daily broadcasting. The reprieve gives us all time to reflect, regroup, and recharge. If we make it through the holidays alive, we will again fire up the transmitter on Tuesday morning, January 1st, 2008, 7:25AM sharp, with music to kick off the new year.


Until then, the staff of Pool10FM wishes you feliz navidad, prospero año y felicidad.


12/9/2007 - So I'm surfing the internet this morning, innocently browsing the World Wide Web, when all of a sudden all these local girls keep popping up in my face! I've spent a lot of time in Elkader, Garnavillo and Strawberry Point, but I must be visiting the wrong places. "Meet these girls from your area?" Where exactly are all these local girls hiding?

First, let's look at Mona2661 from Elkader. Is she chopping firewood? She certainly seems busy working on something out there in the woods of Elkader. Go Mona! And Carmi0769 to your right? Has anyone seen her blowing kisses around town? Let me know.

Then we have blue1751, Erin0966, and the ever popular 'Meet me now!' from Strawberry Point. A quick Google search tells me the population of Strawberry Point is 1372. What are the odds such a small community is supporting three such lonely young ladies?

But my favorite of all are the Rena10306 twins from Garnavillo to your lower left. That's right - little ol' Garnavillo is hiding these two questionable dressers. I know Garnavillo is famous for it's dairy bars and awesome insurance agencies, but 20 year old blond party animals? Who would have guessed? They are obviously self insured with plenty of dairy bar experience.

Poor lonely things... I invite these deprived
local gals to be DJ for a day on Pool10FM. After working the farm all day, I'm sure these poor unhappy gals could use a break. So keep listening for a new local girls without-a-lot-of-cloths show on Pool10FM!


12/6/2007 - After airing complete albums in there entirety (department of redundancy department), Pool10FM is going to let the transmitter cool down for a while. Tune in again down the road, we will be back.


10/28/2007 - Welcome back to the real world Mr. AG. Thanks for the shout from the north!

10/27/2007 - This is a very touchy subject, and we hesitate even commenting. But it was a sad week here at the pool as we learned that oink.cd was shut down on Tuesday. Did you ever borrow a friend's music and make a copy? No? Well I guess you are innocent then. Oh, it is such a fine line we walk. I guess earth would be a boring place without controversy. It would be a boring place without music too! Can 180,000 people be wrong?


We found this eloquent comment at this this site


I just thought I'd ask for peoples opinions on downloading, even though you do not own, rare vinyl and albums that are no longer in print and are pretty hard, if not impossible, to come by. This is regardless of artist or label.

Surely it's better to keep these alive, digitally, rather than have the LPs eventually disappear from history, especially if they are extremely limited pressings of like 100.

I'm not justifying downloading the top 40 or anything like that here, but surely we need a way to keep such rarites available to everyone? And I don't see any site offering obscure LPs for digital, legal, download.

This is what OiNK did somewhat, it had a LOT of rare material on it that is otherwise IMPOSSIBLE to find. Because of how the website was set up, promoting the 'upload' (note: the work was NEVER on their server NOR the site owners, learn how BitTorrent works!) of rarer material. This means boot legs from concerts in your city 7 years ago are probably on the site, and possibly the only copy to exist on the Internet.

This is all gone now. While I don't agree with downloading in most cases, the site had a huge benefit for the music community but this has been removed because of a few awful pre-releases by artists no one actually cares about.

Also this was said on a forum, and it's very true regarding the RIAA and organizations like them and is very much worth reading;

What boggles my mind, and I may or may not have the fact straight here, is the fact that the RIAA lobbies for keeping artists in the business, but I am pretty sure not one penny that they receive for court cases actually goes to any of the artists or producers.

In fact, I was so interested in this I decided to give them a call earlier today and the exact response I got when asked where the money they make from lawsuits goes to was, "The money we receive from court cases goes straight back into our staff to fund our operations."

That sentence means one of three things. Either the artists are part of their "staff" and receive some sort of royalties for the court cases, the RIAA/whoever else is raking in a shit ton of money but having to put it all right back into suing more people, or whoever the head of these entities is, is taking home an epic check every month and doesn't give two shits about any artist that exists. I'm willing to put my bet on the third.

I am not going to get into the argument of being for or against file sharing, but for an entity to claim that it has the artists in mind, and suing the ever living shit out of people using that as the reason is what I see completely wrong with what they are doing.

Also I am sure this argument has come up many times and I'm just beating a dead horse, but hey.



10/21/2007 - Listen up listening listeners who listen. Another new  DJ Spike show will be in the air tonight!!!



         I T ' S      A L L      A B O U T     F L U F F Y

Here is a peak deep inside our international studio. It was good to have some "help" at the microphone today. This is F L U F F Y.

He is not to be confused with Mr. Mittens. As you  already know, Mr. Mittens likes to let it all hang out on hot summer days, while Fluffy likes to be an general a##hol@. Or for those listeners who are punctuation challenged, Fluffy is an asshole.

As you can see in the picture, Fluffy likes to rock the microphone, but like most cool cats, he is exceptionally indifferent to Pool10FM. He likes music by Modest Mouse, Eek-a-mouse, and really likes Fat Mouse Dub by The Slackers. In his spare time, Fluffy likes to take apart real mice, chipmunks, and flying squirrels to see what's inside.

According to Albert Einstein

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed"



Ever heard of Ravi Shankar? We at the pool just discovered this genius of eastern music. This guy is the Bob Marley of India. We were fortunate to pick up a few of Ravi's albums, and we are bustin' to share them. You won't hear this music on Country Hits 101!

This guy is the father of Norah Jones.

He even played at Woodstock on August 15th, 1969. In the rain!

Where were you?

Check out his website.


10/11/2007 - This has nothing to do with anything, but caught our attention. This fine ad was found in yesterday's River to River Shopper. On the front page! Maybe I should have waited until after the anniversary party before posting this up on the web site. We would not want to spoil the secret. Is it only me, or do you too find it odd that...


Never mind.

10/10/2007 - More good stuff to share from Mr. T! Thanks to a particular audio burning processes developed deep at the epicenter of the entire universe, we now can all enjoy some long lost Spooky Tooth and Steve Hillage. Thank ye thank ye thank ye.

10/7/2007 - Hear Ye. Hear Ye. New DJ Spike show to air tonight!!!

It seems one of our loyal listeners is getting married!
Congratulations Capt. and have fun tonight.

9/30/2007 - It has only taken 15 months, but the Music Library link has been brought up to date. Why so long? Because it took the Pool Guy all morning to export the data from OtsDJ, clean it up, check over the 18,000 or so items, sort them, format them, assemble into web pages, and publish. Not that I am complaining, it's a labor of love. So go ahead, check it out for yourself.

9/25/2007 - Tonight we morn the anniversary of the death of John Bonham, drummer and partier extraordinaire. His music lives on. The Pool Guy has been a huge fan of Led Zeppelin for, well, let's not actually count the years. But it was not until the past ten years or so that it was fully realized that Led Zeppelin is one of the biggest cover bands out there! Don't believe me? Check this out. Don't tell me you like Led Zeppelin but don't like blues music, cuz' they are one in the same my friend.

Moving on, we once again had some troubles with streaming audio this week. It's all just black magic anyhow you know, and we are back.

9/20/2007 - How did this happen? Yesterday was international Talk Like A Pirate day, and we missed it!!! Oh, the shame. The embarrassment. The humiliation. Arrrrgh. I guess in reality all you have to do on any given day is say something like "send you comments and requests to Pool10FM@hotmail.com" and you will be talking like a true local pirate. Any volunteers?

9/13/2007 - First off, HUGE thanks to Mr. T for some awesome Mick Taylor, along with a sprinkling of other zesty ol' rock you probably won't hear any other stations play. Bravo!

Next, we need to discuss this Link Of The Day thing. It ain't workin'. It has come to our attention that the LOTD's on this page go stale faster than an open bag of Tostadas in August. So... from here on in, the LOTD will be featured towards the top of this page in Deep Purple, and will simply be replaced every day. Well, not EVERY day, just when we get around to it. Don't let that word "Day" fool you. After all, how long is a day on Pluto. And can you have real days on a planet that is no longer a planet? I digress. Look for the LOTD above in Purple. Did I say Purple?

Does anybody know if there is any truth to the rumor of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour? This would be the holy grail for the Pool Guy. The first and only time he ordered tickets to see Led Zeppelin, John Bonham checked out of the band for a durable position elsewhere.  Sustantivo vómito masculino. This miserable young Pool Guy was give a refund before tickets could even land.


9/2/2007 - Here is the LOTD. I take no responsibility for any of these!

Thanks go out to our fine listeners for the fund raising bikini car wash to help get Pool10FM back on the air after last weeks storm damage. Everyone had a good time, lots of heavy equipment was scrubbed and buffed clean, and enough money was raised to pay all the bills here and keep us on the air for another four or five years.

Well at least the thought was there. I can fantasize, right?

9/1/2007 10:51am - We are back!

8/28/2007 - The Pool10FM studio is feeling the love this evening. We have sound. We have internet access. We have programming in place. And Pool10FM is back in cyberspace at http://www.shoutcast.com/directory/?s=pool10fm! But the transmitter is still on the mend. A few op-amps and analog switches are on order with the hopes of a cheap fix. Cross thine fingers.

And if we didn't already have enough sad news in the world, here is the LOTD. Now THAT'S sad.

8/27/2007 PM - If you were blissfully listening to Pool10FM this morning a few minutes after 8:00am, you may have seen the lightning flash at the exact instant that Pool10FM went silent. The transmitter was broadcasting happily, but no music! Now that sucks worse than Styxx. This evening the damage in the studio has been assessed, and while things could be much worse, they could be better. It seems we have (so far) a fried stereo modulator board, a fried sound card in the Pool10FM computer, a fried network switch, and a fried network adapter.

So I hope you have not cancelled your XM radio account.

8/27/2007  -  Here is a LOTD for you to think about. Think somebody is getting paid?


Two men are out ice fishing at their favorite fishing hole, just fishing quietly and drinking beer.

Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Jim says, "I think I'm
going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months."

Earl continues slowly sipping his beer, then thoughtfully says, "You
better think it over - women like that are hard to find."

8/25/2007 - Today's LOTD. Hey, this one was suggested by a friend. I have nothing to do with anything anywhere anytime whatsoever.

8/24/2007 - Poo10FM has had a rough week. Between DJ absenteeism and mother nature, programming this week has experienced momentary lapses of reason. Hopefully we have things squared away. For the moment.

Thanks go out to Capt' Bill for his uploads this week. Because I am once again late for work, downloading will have to wait until tonight. But listener contributions are ALWAYS welcome. After all, this is your radio station, not some corporate conglomerate. Bring um on!

Finally, here are your LOTD's. No Amy this time, just some good camel humor. LOTD#1 and LOTD#2.

8/23/2007 - This story out of Ireland. If misery loves company, it is comforting to know that we are not the only ones with flooding problems this summer. Apparently the rains in Ireland have caused flooding and panicking there as well...

8/18/2007 - Listen up this Sunday evening for a fresh DJ Spike show. The DJ promises a "HOT SHOW !!!"

And also big big THANKS to Mr. T for taking the time to share some Dickey Betts along with a splash of Be Bop Deluxe and Hot Tuna.

As promised, here is the latest LOTD for all you Amy Winehouse fans. We have tickets to see her in Chicago in September. Or is it October now? Maybe November? Personally I'm expecting a refund.

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On a much more serious note, did you know that your government is trying to put internet radio stations out of business? Pool10FM is primarily an 'FM broadcast' station, but we also stream our audio over the internet because that's what some listeners have asked for. As a non-profit organization (definitely 'non-profit' and not even a real organization) Pool10FM can do this without any requirements for royalty payments. The Copyright Royalty Board wants to change that, which would shut this service down for Poo10FM and 1000's of other internet radio stations.

You can help. This is important if you like to hear something other than the same 10 songs over and over all day. Do a Google search for  Internet Radio Equity Act, also go to SaveNetRadio to educate yourself. Then


 and ask for their support. No time like the present. I have called mine several times this year.

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8/17/2007 - Keep it real, eh? ok Happy Birthday Jeremy, who ever you are. This one goes out to you. You have good friends. Somewhere. On Mars ? Or ? Every day

8/16/2007 - Huge thanks once again go out to our fine listeners for all the emails. Your comments, suggestions, and requests keep us going. Upgrades and additions continue quietly in the background here in the pool. After a brief network problem, streaming audio is once again available over the internet. Please let us know if you have troubles connecting. We now also have high speed backup of our music collection which has grown to over 18,000 songs! You might be hearing more from the likes of Tom Petty, R.E.M., Punjabi MC, Donovan, some fun time Sesame Street goodies, Pink, Rush, The Bee Gees (had to do it) , Avril Lavigne, rockin' Ted Nuggent, and last but not least, a huge dose of none other than the old weird beards, ZZ Top.

Oh, and by the way, here is the first LOTD (Link Of The Day). Enjoy!  Amy .vs. Rehab  

Summer is fleeting. Loyal listener Mr. Mittens says "party like it's 2007!"

6/2/2007 - Eye candy. Here is a visual sampling of new Pool10FM additions in the past two months!

The new Linkin Park album kinda' sucks. Big disappointment. Don't waist your money unless you like to hear juveniles complaining.

The new Beck album kicks ass.

This one stands alone. Go buy it.

The only thing better than a song request is an album request.

I had to do this. Prince would want it this way...

Bjork in the Big Blue Foot statue wins my vote for best album cover of 2007. What a freak show.


5.29.2007 - We continue to be blessed with the ability to share all sorts of music here in the pool. This month we experimented with some Middle Eastern music, which was without a doubt a change from the norm. We also added some really good new Amy Winehouse. I strongly recommend her new album, Back To Black. You also might have recently heard some newly added Frank Zappa Augustus Pablo, Chamillionaire, Dave Brubeck, Ginger Baker Pepper, Judge Dread (the Benny Hill of Ska!), and Jeff Buckley to name a few.

Also coming soon, listen up for Beck with their new album The Information , Strawberry Alarm Clock (this has high suck potential, but it turns out to be a garage band, and somebody out there was looking for garage band music one day recently), Bubble Puppy (a late night challenge), Bjork (her new album Volta), a ton of recently added Prince albums, Van Der Graaf Generator, the new Linkin Park album Minutes to Midnight, and some mixed Dub and Ambient music to help sooth the soul when the time is right.

So their you have it. Summertime is here. How can we make your summer rock? Got a playlist request for that special Friday night party? Got some requests for your drive time? Maybe something for that party on the sandbar? Or just some music to make the fish bite better? Let us know. We are here to help put a smile on your face.

4.26.2007 - Blame the storms last night? I don't know. This morning I discovered that the transmitter did not turn on. But it was too late to turn back. I was in the truck on the way to work, and running late as usual. This evening I found two blown fuses in the transmitter.

I just so happened to have one spare set. Presto! Back on the air. Anyone know where I can get some more spares? Like, real cheap? LP-CC-15.

Also, thanks to JS for the requests Saturday night. Good fun!

3.1.2007 - Corpus Christi, TX is the destination. Two weeks is the duration. Adventure is the priority. Technology is the temporary nuisance. We hope to be back around March 17. Enjoy the cold and snow y-all.

1.29.2007 - Tempus Fugit, it's been a while! But that does not mean we have been sitting still. No sir. The electric bill is paid for another month, and Pool10FM had the opportunity to oink out on a wonderful selection of fresh music over the holidays. So much music we are still making our way through it all. Some 800+ new songs were added to the play list just this past Sunday alone. Expect to hear more from the likes of Cake, Frank Zappa, Gorilaz, Chumbawamba, Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, LCD Soundsystem, Guns N' Roses, The Stokes, Radiohead, Fishbone, Sweet, some really old Pink Floyd, lots of spacey ambient music, and a heavy dose of some awesome dub music.

On a personal note, I'm really getting into this dub music and being turned on to artists like Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist, Dub Trio, King Tubby, The Slackers, and Eek-a-mouse. Gotta love that last one if for no other reason than their name. I find it interesting to learn that the Clash and Gorilaz have a distinct dub sound in some of their music. You can usually catch some of this great dub music Thursday nights around 10:00pm or so. Sit back and enjoy!

If that was not enough, we have added a pile of Swishahouse style straight-up and chopped and screwed music. Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, DJ Michael Watts, Lil Keke, and Rick Ross are somewhere deep in the play list, but this is not every day music. Due to questionable lyrical content, getting this stuff on the air is reserved for some rather random late-night shows. Not for everyone, but chopped and screwed music is a really messed up style of generally dirty south hip-hop. And who says the music scene is dead? If my predictions are true, you might have some chopped and screwed Britney Spears, Chile Peppers, and Black Eyed Peas in your future. Almost hurts my ears just to think about it. Stay tuned in 2008?

We are still not done here. We have some Public Enemy, 2Pac, Maserati, Massive Attack, Matisyahu (the only Orthodox Judaism reggae band that I am aware of, check out the link for yourself if you don't believe me), New Order, Peter Tosh, some more Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Sergio Mendes (yup, he is still around making music), The Stooges, and Triple Six Mafia yet to be added to the play list in coming weeks. Whew, I am out of breath just writing this.

And hey, don't forget about DJ Spike! He keeps crankin' out new shows for Sunday evenings. If you have not tuned in, this is a must-listen time. This guy puts a lot of work into these productions, and his efforts  help keep this poor station fresh. Bravo Mr. Spike!


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Missundaztood Album Cover - Pink



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