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                                                     adventures of a Pool Guy - 2006 archives


12.22.2006 - Star of wonder. Star of night. Guide us to thy perfect light. In other words, Merry Christmas. The DJ's will be taking a break from the transmitter and heading to Big Snow country for the holiday weekend. We should be back in the air around 12/26.

12.18.2006 - Our web site is back. We almost thought we lost our domain, pool10fm.com. I guess that's what happens when you don't pay the bills. But for another $4.95/month, pool10fm.com has been saved from cyber suspension. The streaming audio is back too! Blame that one on the new Microsoft Vista operating system. 

12.3.2006 - Good things take time. Some nine months ago, we acquired a new power amp. We have been working with the manufacturer to get this puppy working properly ever since. Saturday evening, the transmitter was torn down yet again. A new stereo encoder, digital PLL exciter, and power amps were installed. Sunday morning we put everything back together and at 3:12pm, Pool10FM came back on the air with all new guts, glory, and best of all, quality! These new components are truly broadcast quality, improving signal-to-noise ratio, stereo separation, and overall audio quality. And best of all, THEY FINALLY WORK! Let us know if you hear the difference for yourself.

Oh, happy day!!!

On a Different note, we have some Christmas music lined up for the next few weeks. Don't like Christmas music? Tough. Go listen to some country music. Of course we have the good old classics, along with some unexpected Christmas goodies from Twisted Sister, and nasties from Montgomery Gentry and the Dixie Chicks.

11.5.2006 - Special thanks go out to DJ Spike for some GREAT new shows this month. If you have not heard DJ Spike on Pool10FM, tune in Sunday evenings around 7:30 - 8:30 and get turned on to some fresh stuff. If you like what you here, let him know. This is all volunteer, and we need all the encouragement we can get. Shoot the Spikemaster an email at djspike919@gmail.com.

Thanks also go out for all the kind recent listener email. Especially...

  ...you know who you are.

9.24.2006 - All right, this is really kewl. We are on the internet. Steer your web browser over to This Site and listen to Pool10FM on the internet.  If it does not work, please let us know because this whole thing is part rocket science, part pure luck. But as of this evening, we are streaming Pool10FM to the world. Pool10FM was originally conceived as a local FM broadcast station. Very local. We have no desire to be a popular internet broadcaster, but listeners have asked for this service, so here it is. Enjoy.

There is an interesting side benefit to this all natural, no preservatives, low fat audio streaming. You can see song titles and artists! So if you are wondering what the foofighters you are listening to, click here.

We have also been busy adding new music from the likes of Tom Petty (the new Highway Companion album), lots of Clash, Johnny Cash, some Prince, Ziggy Marley, INXS, and many others. You know, music that does not suck. Much thanks again to M.L. for her contributions! We have also discovered Dub music, so expect to hear more of this spacey reggae style in the near future. 

9.1.2006 - The poor ol' transmitter is back the way it has been for some time. All the great plans for upgrades are on hold until we figure out WTF. Does anyone know any RF engineers out there?

On the good side, we continue to find tasty musical treats to add to the play list. We are also looking for volunteer DJ's to help us produce some fresh shows. If you are interested in participating and want to put your fingerprint on the air, shoot us an email!

And just a friendly reminder... only 15 days left until International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Don't believe me? Do a Google search for yourself and brush up on your skills.

8.23.2006 - Music that sucks? no more country music radio in L.A. and New York 

8.21.2006 - I am now convinced that I should not quit my day job and become a full time radio engineer. The poor transmitter has been going through some changes this week, and not all for the better.  Hang in there, we will get er' working again. Sometime. I hope.

8.6.2006 - A big Sunday for Pool10FM. The tower came down and was fitted with a new antenna.

 That was the easy part. The tower actually went back up too!  And we are back on the air without incident. How do we sound? Let us know!

Plus BOY HOWDY did we collect a jiggerbyte (JB) of new music last night.  So listen for some freshin's in the near future. It's the first time I've felt like a porn star (drink) in my life, and the salmon by the pool was fantastic.

7.25.2006 - Just adding to my Christmas dream list: One Kiss Can Lead to Another

7.22.2006 - Computer is fixed and we are back in business. I hope someone enjoyed the Ramachandran lectures. Also a huge thanks to M.L. for the Elvis and Crystal. That's the spot! And another thanks to Steve for the Gram Parsons CD and his fresh spot. We also coaxed some orgasmic spots out of R.L. and Brad. Oh yeah.

7.21.2006 - Since the Pool10FM computer is DOA, we are resorting to some unique programming yesterday and today.

7.20.2006 - That storm last night was a DOLLYWACKER. Things that should be turning on this morning are not turning on, so silence rules the moment :-(

7.18.2006 - Back on the air tonight. Don't ask. Just listen.

7.17.2006 - Nothing is easy... The new MOSFETs were installed on 7.13.06, and promptly turned to toast after about 2 hours. Grrrr. Tonight we pulled out the whole output amplifier and attempted a 'downgrade'. Everything looks good, but we are getting unacceptable AC hum from someplace. Double Grrrr. So it looks like we will be silent for a while until we get things unscrewed.

7.10.2006 - We got some new MOSFETs today and will be once again attempting some transmitter work this week Thursday to improve our quality. Cross your fingers!

7.1.2006 - Check out the local band Backwater paying at Up The Street in Glen Haven tonight, and then again tomorrow at the street dance in Bagley.


6.25.2006 - We seem to be running OK with our crippled new transmitter. The manufacture of the defective output pallet has agreed to send out a re-designed replacement next week. This should get us where we originally intended to go. Hopefully.

6.23.2006 - Crash and Burn? More like a fender bender and some smoldering MOSFETs. The transmitter was rebuilt from the ground up Thursday. Things were working first-rate during initial testing Thursday evening.  A little more heat than anticipated, but fairly stable. Even a few listeners noticed improvements. But then shortly after Friday morning's start-of-day, we had a setback. Power suddenly dropped to about 1/4 of Thursday evening's level, back to square one. So although we are still on the air, it would seem we are not running on all cylinders. Shit. If only I had $50,000 - $60,000, I could start a real radio station. Donations are welcome.

Wait. Screw that. I would have to have sponsors and commercials and syndication and.......

On a brighter note, we have a new show from DJ Spike! So be sure to tune in Sunday evening for the debut. I will be (transmitter permitting).

6.21.2006 - Tomorrow, Thursday, 6/22/2006, we will be tearing down the transmitter for a complete overhaul and upgrades. These upgrades have been in the planning stage for nearly a year, and will hopefully meet reality tomorrow. Either that, or we crash and burn... a distinct possibility. It's a big day for Pool10FM. So cross your fingers with us, and with lots of luck, we will be back on the air sometime Thursday afternoon.

6.19.2006 - Click the Music Library link to your left and be amazed at the keen new features.

6.15.2006 - It has  taken 3 months, but we have finally completed adding the huge slug of new music provided by our loyal listener and friend Mr. T. We hope to get the on-line song listing updated soon.

DJ Spike has sent in his best show yet. It will air again this Sunday night, so if you have not heard it already, check it out around 10:00pm.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with several marketing managers from a syndicated rock station in Canada in March. They indicated that their play list has about 250 songs in rotation at any given time. Here at Pool10FM, we are pushing 12,500+ titles! Not that quantity equals quality, but variety does help prevent cranial atrophy. Don't hesitate to upload your latest favorites for us to share in the pool.

5.27.2006 - Time to put the web site back in order. www.pool10fm.com lives on.

Another great show arrived from DJ Spike. Remember to tune in Sunday evenings between 8:00 and 10:00 to catch the new DJ Spike show. Tis good stuff.

Thanks also go out to Trent for Dicks Picks One through Nineteen. If you don't like the Grateful Dead, well, all apologies. There are some mighty good country AND western radio station out here for you.

Finally, thanks go out to CF for the two BIG radio spots. But the challenge stands, and I'm patiently waiting for your right brain to kick in.

5.11.2006 - Thank you SD for the Black Keys, and Thank you DJ Spike for yet another fresh show. Tune in Sunday night!

5.7.2006 - (prudent deletions were made here now that www.Poll10FM.com is back in place)

Something good often comes out of what is perceived at first to be a bad thing. The recent post and publicity on the http://www.radio-info.com message board has generated a new friend. His name is DJ Spike, and he is over in Ames, IA. Even though he is out of Pool10FM listening range, he has volunteered to put together a few shows for us. And not only volunteered, but actually come through with the goods!  His first Pool10 show airs tonight around 10:00pm. Look for additional DJ Spike shows Sunday nights around this time. Or shoot him a line at djspike919@gmail.com.

Now DJ Spike can't even pick up his shows on the air, and he is producing them for our enjoyment. How about YOU. If you enjoy the pool, help us out! Send us a few fresh spots! Or send us an email and we will set up a recording session for you and your friends. We will make it a pool party. Help keep us fresh!

4.29.2006 - Can't do it. I spent the afternoon today listening to commercial FM radio, and nearly lost cookies. Must broadcast. Mmmm. Must. Must broadcast. Must. Must. M. Can't stop, M. Can. C. Can, Can't stop broadcasting. Must.

Must have faith in this free country.  Must.

But I take nothing for granted.


4.28.2006 - (prudent deletions were made here now that www.Poll10FM.com is back in place)

Thanks for your support!!!

4.26.2006 - (prudent deletions were made here now that www.Poll10FM.com is back in place)

4.12.2006 - Reckless thanks go out to those people who think it is a good idea to blast bowling balls out of a cannon, watch them sail serenely while listening to the finger holes whistle, before squinting eyes to catch them as they punch a hole in the waters of Pool 10 far below. I guess insanity is hereditary. But not only thanks for the bowling balls and woods fires, but the fresh batch of Pool10 radio spots. Where else can you here bovine insemination glorified?

4.10.2006 - As Jim Cramer would blurt out, "booya, Mt. T!" Booya indeed, for we have been blessed with the gift of music to the tune of well over 1200 new tunes. They are not quite in the pool yet, but they will be getting wet soon. Booya!

3.28.2006 - Thanks for The Go, Kenny! But what's with you and Jack White?

3.27.2006 - Jamaica is a beautiful country with beautiful people. More fun than should be legal.



Then again, maybe it wasn't?

Anyhow it's good to be back in America. This country does not suck.

3.21.2006 - Thank you G.R. for the fine blues uploads this evening. And thank you whoever-you-are for the Tribe Called Quest uploads back on 3/16. As the Who would say, who are you?

3.19.2006 - Everything cook and curry, Pool10FM will be off the air from this week Thursday until hopefully the following Tuesday, or so. The studio will be closing down and all the DJ's will be Rasta-roving to Jamaica! All fruits rip mon.

3.9.2006 - The new power amplifier is in hand. Doesn't do much good in my hand though, and the transmitter rebuild is more project than I have time for right now. Have to finish a few other projects first. But mo powa is in the cards.

A fine listener and good friend brought over a box of 150+ music CD's last week! The anti-suck sorting is complete along with the ripping. Now we just need to rate and catagorize. So look for some fresh music soon. Wish I had more fine listeners willing to share their CD collection for a good cause (hint hint!!!).

2.14.2006 - Managed to update the Music Library page on this web site.

2.4.2006 - NOTICE - Here at Pool10FM, we occasionally will stream audio over the internet from REAL radio stations, and re-broadcast this on 96.7MHz. So if you hear station announcements that actually sound legitimate, well, they may be legitimate. Just on the wrong frequency and in the wrong cornfield. So, like, please don't call them and ask what's up. Pool10FM is what's up.

2.1.2006 - Although it's been a while since the last update, there is a lot new here in Pool10. First off, the music. Way to many new groups, albums, and songs to list here! The playlist has been beefed up with loads and loads of new tunes that don't suck too much over the past few weeks. Next, the broadcast studio now sports a new microphone! Well, not exactly new. It is a vintage Shure model 55S. This thing is sweet! A true classic.

Last Sunday morning, the staff here at Pool10 had the opportunity to record a new series of spots provided by the delightful and talented Coral. She will be hosting the Sunday morning show from here on out.


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