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                                                     adventures of a Pool Guy - 2005 archives


12.30.2005 - The gift of music and time has brought many new additions to the pool this week, including Joe Cocker, Supertramp (of highly debatable suckatude), Paul McCartney & Wings, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Buju Banton, Allman Brothers, and some fairly crusty Uriah Heep. Too bad Santa did not bring us that big new model SR341 RF amp we had on our wish list. Naughty I guess. But if you believe in the power of playing PowerBall, and ridiculous miracles against all odds, there is hope for 2006. And we'll tak a right guid-willie waught, ror auld lang syne.

Ohhhhhhh, and the new spots! Now THAT'S a Christmas gift. Thanks M.L. and Mr. T.

12.20.2005 - Merry Christmas Rod, wherever you are.

12.10.2005 - Christmas just would not be Christmas without Robert Earl Keen's Christmas From The Family. Thanks for the suggestion Greg. And keep listening this holiday season for a version of Oh Holy Night that is sure to bring tears to your eyes. A big thanks go out to Mr. T for the new (or maybe not so new) MC5 uploads. Keep um coming!

11.20.2005 - A little Christmas music on the Pool this upcoming holiday season? Let us know what you think... yes or no? At least, maybe, just a little Dr. Seuss's Grinch music? Please? Listen later this week for some new Kate Bush and not so new Billy Idol. We got some Steve Goodman and wonderful live Chicago Blues Reunion uploads this week, along with that long awaited Mason Proffit. Thanks go out to our faithful uploaders for sharing some of these somewhat rare and unusual tidbits with all of our listeners.

11.13.2005 - Listen up for some additional Gregg Allman, Neil Young, Garbage, new Santana, Gorillaz, and Black Eyed Peas. Also picked up some Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, but we are not quite sure what to do with it. I'll try not to mention the new Slim Thug and Mike Jones. Who is Mike Jones? Also hoping that T-Meister comes through with some Mason Proffit before Tiny and the FCC shut his operation down.

10.28.2005 - Well blow me down, we got some local stuff! It's the La La Band. The La La Band you say? What? You've never heard of the La La Band? Like, where have you been? This is, like, the best band EVER! Listen up ya landlubbers. 1)Your Whys, 2)Anthem of Angst, 3)Hangover, 4)Inside, 5)Southwestern Swing, 6)Payment, 7)Dancin', 8)Betty's Porch, 9)Farther, 10)Cut No More, 11)Stand Beside Me, 12)Velvet, 13)My Pearl, 14)Gravel Roads. Check those track numbers

10.14.2005 - Q: What happens when you plug a vacuum cleaner into the same outlet as a bunch of computers? A: You blow a breaker, take down the computers, and broadcast dead air. Pool10FM will be down until later this evening. [later that very same day] The good lord has graced us with extension cords this evening. 

10.13.2005 - More new goodies in the upload folder! Thanks, and keep um' coming. And remember, don't tell ANYBODY about pool10fm.

10.8.2005 - Got some awesome new Santana this week, along with Jefferson Starship, Refreshments, Elton John, Tuesday Weld, and a healthy dose of other new tunes that have a strong potential for not sucking too bad like Alive & Kicking - Tighter And Tighter. Be patient while all the new Queen makes a round or two of airtime. Finally, tune in Friday's at 6:00 for a taste of that rock-um sock-um surf music.

10.1.2005 - More power? We seem to be getting a bit more range, but not quite the bang for the buck expected. Who knows, maybe that is a good thing. A blessing? But range is notably better.

So now back to programming. Big NIN/QOTSA concert next week. Mmmmm! Let's really mix it up with a new batch of Queen albums and rockin' surf music. WTF? Maybe all this time in the pool has caused wrinkles on the brain? As ELP would say, C'est La Vie. Birth, Taxes, Death, and ROCK & ROLL! Not in that order. L8R landlubbers.

9.22.2005 - Well we completed the second round of transmitter power upgrades today a bit ahead of schedule (yeah, schedule?). Power readings show TWICE the power in the air. That does not means twice the distance, but there should be improvements.  Let us know!!! pool10fm@hotmail.com

Plus, a pile of new uploads from one fine listener in particular who shall remain anonymous. Thanks Mr. T.

9.19.2005 - Back in port and ready to rock. Hey don't forget, today is International Talk Like A Pirate day. So go annoy your friends and co-workers. Look for another round of Pool10FM power and range increases later this week. More details to follow. And do I have to remind you? Send us your requests. Send music. Send spots. Hell, send beer if it's cold!

9.8.2005 - Shiver me timbers, the reports are in. You can now hear music that does not suck in more places than ever! Swashbucklers up and down the pool are reporting better reception. Even some buccaneers in the valleys are enjoying better clarity. Stay tuned for more power upgrades later this fall.

But for now, this bandit will be sailing out from port for a week. Oh the pain of dead air. Oh the joy of the open seas. We hope to be landlubbers again maybe around 9.18.2005. Until then get XM radio if you have to, but by all means beware of farm reports, county music, controlled media, and endless commercials.



9.1.2005 - The broadcast tower came down this afternoon, and we only managed to demolish  one set of saw horses as it came down in a "controlled crash". A brand spankin' new home made J-pole antenna assembled out of 1/2" copper water pipe was installed and tested. The tower went back up about 5:00PM, and power readings on the new antenna show our SWR is down to about 1.3. Tons better than the 8 or 9 we had before. This means MORE POWER IN THE AIR, and opens the door for future amplifier upgrades. A success from a technical point of view.


But what about real life? Has our signal really improved? Are we getting better range? Let us know at music.pool10fm.com.

8.29.2005 - Hey more great uploads!!! Electric Prunes... more New Radicals... Ry Cooder... Van Halen... Status Quo... and some mighty good Mexican stuff that I've never heard of.

8.27.2005 - Thanks go out for the contributions uploaded or sent in by listeners this week... Jefferson Airplane... Traffic... Pink Floyd... The Dead... Crosby, Stills, Nash. Now that does not suck!

8.21.2005 - The File Upload problem is fixed! The file size limit has been increased from 1MB to 50MB, so this feature actually works now. If you have tried to upload files here in the past without success PLEASE TRY AGAIN! It should work now. Yarrr.

8.18.2005 - Ever since our broadcast antenna went up in the spring of 2004, we have had a problem with "high SWR". This means lots of our precious RF energy is not making it into the air. This also prevents us from increasing power because the amplifier will burn up. Today a new antenna was constructed, tested, and tuned with outstanding results. We hope to go live with this new antenna sometime in the next two weeks, but we need the help of others to get the antenna up on the tower.

8.13.2005 - Thanks go out to a few listeners who have recently requested and/or sent us some new additions this summer, including Be Bop Deluxe, Count5, Blue Cheer, Neil Young, King Crimson, New Radicals, Live Metallica and G&R, Garbage, and a few others. Keep um coming!


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