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+/-  modulation = music.

      Broadcast Schedule

It's a mix. But believe it or not, there is occasional structure and method to the madness. Here's the schedule we sometimes follow. But sometimes not.



7 days a week --->

Monday: We start the day out at 7:00am sharp with a short sampling of some wonderful native American music. This is best enjoyed, if at all possible, out on the river with the morning mist starting to burn away. Monday evening brings a motherload of chill music.

Tuesday: Tuesday morning is blues time. 100% blues till noon (-ish). Come evening?  More blues.

Wednesday: Check out Chicks Picks shortly after 8:00am. X-tal is in the house! Wednesday otherwise is humped full of good old fashion music that does not suck. A set of jazz music wraps up the day just before going off the air at midnight.

Thursday: Just before noon, you will usually get an ear full of music we like to call " Dad Style". Raunchy old,  o l d  , classics not to be ignored. Tiny bubbles anyone? Rat Pack?

Thursday evenings are special! Check out the Jewels Show starting at 6:00 sharp-ish.  A real brain soothing treat. Then comes a sticky green Reggae Vibrations show around 8:30pm. Reggae eventually digresses into a dub meltdown till midnight. The transmitter stays on, turning out middle eastern music and other oddities until pert near 6:00am.

Friday: Surf music at 7:00am, again before noon, and yet again at 6:00pm (half past beer time). Then catch a Grateful Dead treat around 8:00. It's a Dick's Picks set! Never heard of Grateful Dead and Dick's Picks? Google it for starters. Or click here. Catch a complete Dead show at midnight followed by some rough stuff inappropriate for daytime play, a pile of early mornin' Zappa, and jazz music to challenge your brain coax the sun up until 6:00am.

Saturday: We once again start the day with a few native American tunes and sprinkle in a little jazz before lunchtime. The afternoon show is kicked up a few notches with a selection of weekend party tunes. Hey, it's the weekend. It's a Snap! Saturday night around 8:00 or 9:00 we do a fun set of mashups compliments of Catfish. Midnight brings Bond, James Bond, rough stuff again, some good house and dance music, and finally ambient music to doze off to.

Sunday:  Mornings It's Coral's turn to spin the platters. Way too sexy for Sunday, but still the same, Corel tries to play music without loud ringing bells or other sharp sounds that might hurt.

Loyal Pool10FM contributor DJ Spike rules Sunday evening around 9:00pm. Our good friend DJ Spike designs some pretty awesome shows featuring obscure new wave, dance, progressive rock, synthpop, EBM, RPM, and we never ever quite know what music. Unique music that does not suck, and you're not likely to hear anyplace else. Plus the delightful Mr. Spike himself is entertainment du jour. Sundays we shut things down at midnight to close out the week.

And back to Monday

We have a lot of great music that does not normally get played because of explicit lyrics. This is a shame. I guess some folks find this shit offensive, so we restrain. But listen for the 'adult swim' occasionally some nights after 11:00pm. Good shit. You might also catch a very very raw hip-hop show late in the evening, Texas style.

A word about songs that DO suck:

There are indeed plenty of songs in the play list that suck. Some REALLY suck. Like Suzanne Vega's "My Name Is Luka". And Styx "Mr. Roboto". Keep in mind that we add these songs as an occasional reminder that there is music that really sucks. Appreciate the suckatude and pray for the song to end. Having made your way through the song that sucks, your patience will be rewarded with a better appreciation of music that does not suck.

But please let us know if you catch us sucking too much. Like Yummy Yummy Yummy.

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