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Roger From Agnostic FrontElvis Costello 1978The RamonesWendy O' WilliamsSnooky from Sic F*cksTalking Heads, 1977Patti Smith

             Our Music Library

The average commercial radio station cycles through the same 150 - 200 songs daily. Day after day.

Back in 2004, we were so excited when the Pool10FM music library grew to over 2000 titles.

New music is our passion! We love to add, evaluate, and share new music. In 2005 we published a listing of our music library on this web site for listeners to review, make requests, and contribute. Gosh, we had over 4000 titles back then.

In the past four years our music library has swelled. We were blessed with precious resources and access to fresh music to share here in the Pool. This website updated the music library way back in September of 2007, with over 15,000 unique titles! As some of you may recall, the web pages containing these listings were very slow to load.

Here it is December 2009 and the passion for new music continues. The Pool10FM music library has now grown to over 25,000 titles. While we like to brag about how many songs we have, we also know the key word is quality, not quantity. Yes, there are plenty of dogs in the music library (music that sucks). Even the Library of Congress probably houses some titles that suck. Hopefully the dogs will only be heard on your radio when you are out of our listening area or are diverted by your boss/mother/spouse/child/sibling/in-law/other for some strange reason.

When the music library listing was small, we used to be able to publish the listing right here within this web page. But because of it's size, you will now have the opportunity to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet listing of all the songs you might hear on Pool10FM. You will get the song title, artist, album (sometimes), and time. You can search or sort this library file to your hearts content. Help us out with suggestions!

Click here to download the spreadsheet

Click on the file named "P10 Playlist.xls" to download the spreadsheet. Look it over and share your thoughts. Help us fill in the holes. most of all... enjoy.

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