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        7th Anniversary Photo Contest

May is anniversary month here at Pool10FM, and what better way to celebrate than with a contest. This page goes over the rules, shares photo entries, and on June 1st will announce the winner. First, the rules, regulation, requirements, and all the legal fine print.

1. Take some pictures and send them to us.
2. Repeat as often as necessary to improve your odds of winning.

The contest is open through the month of May. Send your digital photos to pool10fm@hotmail.com Judging will be completed and the winner anonymously announced here on this page on June 1st. All entries are anonymous, but by sending us your photo entries, we may choose to post them here for others to share, compare notes, and make fun of you. Photos will be judged on the following mixed-up criteria.

- Something to do with music and/or radio
- Something to do with our wonderful home here in pool 10 country
- Creativity
- Fun

So if you think you have what it takes, and you want a tasty bottle of wine, get out your camera and have some fun. Oh, did I mention wine? What's a contest without huge prizes. The winner will be entitled to a bottle or two of hand crafted wine personally vinted by the Pool Guy himself (a $3 value!). And if you don't like the wine, heck, you will be entitled to perpetual photo contest winner bragging rights. That's HUGE.

So here we go! Our first two entries are from D&L, the love birds just down the block.

Then we got a few more fresh ones from Crazy Jane exemplifying springtime in the pool...

wonder if they were tuned in?

And a couple more from the Love Birds down the block...

Then Steve pipes in with this left-field hit destined to be a hommer...

Let's not forget the photos that started all this from Crazy Jane...

So without further ado, the envelope please?


(insert drum roll here)




Yup, all three entrants are entitled to HUGE prizes (a bottle of home made wine).

Congratulations go out first to Jane for her original photo of kayaking along the Miss in a bright red kayak. I guess we will have to come up with a good way to transport wine from the international studios to your western shores.

Congratulations also go out to Dave for his very special photo of Lisa with a glorious little one sharing smiles as wide as the Mississippi. Delivery of HUGE prizes should not be much of a problem for D&L.

And last but certainly not least, congratulations go out to Steve for his late entry of wacky Elizabeth preparing to conquer the world in what looks like a very foreign land. Was this photo taken in Hollywood? Your HUGE prizes will be in tow with X-TAL in the near future.

Once again, thanks go out to all who had a little fun playing along. It is very disappointing the our recent equipment failures have put a damper on the Pool. But don't despair. We will (hopefully) return back to the airwaves once we get this whole mess reconstructed.




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