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+/-  modulation = music.

The DJ's Corner


DJ's? What DJ's. What are you talking about? Well we do like to break up the music with a few station announcements and radio spots here and there. You may have figured out that these radio spots are prerecorded. And who records them? Why, the DJ's of course! We have 40+ friends of the Pool who have lent their voices (voluntarily or otherwise) to making Pool10 a better station. 

But we need more!

We need you!

You can be on the air!

Get out your microphone (or go buy one for about $5), hook it to the back of your computer, click START... PROGRAMS... ACCESSORIES... ENTERTAINMENT... SOUND RECORDER. Click the big ol' red record button, and start talking. Say something like:

"Thanks for listening to Pool10FM. This music usually does not even suck"

Get creative. Have fun. Share your life experience. Maybe get your pets involved. Anything goes.

Then stop recording and save your spot. Don't worry about how rough it is, we have the tools to clean things up and make them fit. The file you save will be a .WAV file. If you can figure out how to convert to .MP3 before sending, the file size will be a lot smaller. If not, don't sweat it. Just attach the file to your email and send it to pool10fm@hotmail.com.

Give us a few days to shake off the hangover and process, then TUNE IN. How cool is that? Shaaaa.


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