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       The Abdabs?

Never heard of the Abdabs?  I'll bet you have. Here we have gathered together a unique collection of some early news articles, promotional material, and photos of the Abdabs and their prodogy. Maybe this news article from sometime in the mid-sixties will give you a new glimpse at the seeds of one of the worlds most unique, original, inspirational and one-of-a-kind musical group.


Nick Mason? Rick Wright? Rodger Waters? Seeds of what would be The Pink Floyd. This web page is devoted to a small collection of Pink Floyd stuff we found bundled with a 4 CD 'Not For Sale Promotional Copy' set of Pink Floyd originals entitled Games for May.






Games for May? Where where you at 7:45 p.m. on May 12? Er, 1967!

This four CD collection is now part of the Pool10FM library. It's not so much that these are all great songs. Granted, some of them are downright challenging to listen to! But it is the groundbreaking nature of this music that makes it so notable. Musicians simply did not make music like this back then.

But back to that original news article. Written by Barbara Walters? The REAL Barbara Walters? I wonder? Could it be?

This page may be slow loading. We wanted to maintain the quality of the images here, but patience is the price to be paid.

Here is the oh-so-fashion-forward photo that went with the news article.


Hard to believe these guys were actually fashion forward for their time. Downright frightening to say the least.

Without further ado, here is the song list on this 4-CD set.

The cover artwork...

The back...

Notice the numbering "219 of 1000" on the lower left.

And the rest of this web page is loaded with other outrageous and amusing images of "The Pink Floyd" from the liner notes which came with this Games for May CD collection. These images are probably too big to fit on your screen, so you might need to scroll around. And they will load SLOW.  But again, we wanted to maintain the original quality as best possible.



Now there's a quote for you

Syd Barrett obvious; struggled with demons. His Story gives us a better understanding of Pink Floyd's music. We found it of particular interest that the songs "Which You Were Here" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" were both written for Syd.

 That's quite a collection of equipment. The hand saw up front is of particular curiosity.

We hope you have enjoyed Games for May as much as we did.


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